Panespol Faux Stone & Brick Wall Panels Create Authentic Sets For Stage & Tourism Exhibits Panespol is chosen by leading set designers & creative professionals for its authentic features that are realistic and durable while also being light and easy to work with. It allows museum curators and technicians to

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What size is a standard, full-size sheet of slat wall? A standard size full sheet is 2400mm x 1200mm.  This can be custom-made to smaller sizes if you require. In what orientation can slat wall be installed? Slatwall can be installed in 2 different orientations, Portrait or Landscape.  Portrait orientation

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The availability of skilled labour for shop fitting in Australia is currently under pressure from a surge in inflation, high demand for building & construction services and the lowest unemployment levels since the 1970’s.  This difficulty in finding skilled tradespeople can make meeting time frames for fit-outs & retail store

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Many companies claim to sell high-quality slat wall but how does a retail store owner or shop fitter know?  Our team have seen many cases of buyers believing the claims of cheap imported slat wall being equivalent quality only to end up with a costly repair or replacement bill when

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Advanced Display Systems is one of the only slat wall and retail gondola manufacturers in Australia with the ability to incorporate custom-made slatwall into their Gondola Shelving systems.  This enables the functional versatility of slat wall to be achieved in a modular, free-standing system that does not need to be

Repairing slat wall installed in a retail store is a costly and sometimes complex exercise.  Typical ways slat wall will fail is through rupturing of the board, distortion of the extrusions that run through the groove in the slatwall, or both.  The bad news is in many cases repairs won’t

As suppliers of slatwall in Brisbane, we know all there is to know about slatwall and other retail wall display systems. If you’re considering a new system for wall display or looking to fit-out a new premises, then slatwall is the perfect choice. How much weight can slatwall hold? There

Slatwall is a versatile and inexpensive option for shop displays and shelving, that’s why it’s one of the most popular choices for shop fitouts. You can slot in a vast array of slatwall display accessories, from shelf brackets, straight or sloping hanger arms, hat, cap and ball arms, wire baskets,

Do you want to add a unique design element to your store, restaurant, office or even home? Faux brick walls quickly transform your space and create a whole new atmosphere, with endless options for feature walls or full wall fit-outs. You can create everything from rustic and industrial styles, to

Feature or accent walls are a simple and quick way to add a unique design highlight to a room and liven up the space. They are a high impact but relatively inexpensive way to create visual interest without completely overhauling the entire room. Wood panelling creates a natural, rustic finish

Fitting out your retail store presents you with endless possibilities, but with all the shop fittings in front of you it can get overwhelming. But your retail displays don’t have to be a headache, there are heaps of simple and effective options and plenty that you can even build and

Whether you want to give your garage a clean-out or you want to maximise on space, having an effective storage system is the perfect way to bring order to your garage.  It doesn’t matter if you use your garage to store tools and appliances, or as an extension of your

People are highly visual in nature. This fact is particularly important if you’re running a physical store. One of the main reasons people visit stores and shop offline is so that they can see items in person and test them or try them on. This is why commercial displays are

Do you need to hang pictures or other display items in your business or commercial space? A wire hanging system offers a creative and versatile option, and can become a stand-out feature in your space. Instead of having set screw locations in the wall, wire hanging systems allow you to

Redecorating or fitting out a new space raises endless opportunities. Whatever your design aesthetic, one of the first steps in decorating is starting with the floor and walls. Updating your walls adds an immediate new dimension to the room and creates a backdrop that will help dictate all of the

Slatwall is a versatile and space efficient display system for everything from shops, showrooms, storage and exhibition spaces. They are a popular option in display and shopfitting because they are able to maximise even the smallest spaces. This ensures that you have plenty of usable floor space and can effectively