Cable & Rod Systems


Cable & Rod Systems are a great solution for when you need a seamless signage or shelving display!



These systems can be custom designed and installed to suit your showroom, office or facility. The clean and crisp design of the cable and rod display systems complement any environment.  These systems can act as poster displays, product displays, sign mounts, makeshift partitions and much more. The sturdiness of the displays ensure they will always stay secure, and won’t need replacing any time soon.



These simple and minimalistic displays effectively display brochures, advertisements, catalogues, or products efficiently and securely. High-quality shelves such as these also allow for a neat display without taking up too much space.



Throughout our range, we have 1.5mm and 3mm cable display systems, and 6mm and 10mm rod display systems designed for a multitude of uses.



View the gallery or explore our range below.