Ox | Strong & Versatile Retail Shelving Gondolas

Ox slatwall gondola along retail shelving wallExtra-Strong Retail Shelving Gondolas With Customisable Slatwall Panel

The Ox Gondola Shelving system is the ultimate combination of style and strength with the ability to custom-coloured backing slat wall panels to your store branding. The extra-strong frame allows direct mounting of heavy-duty retail shelves to display or storing heavy and bulky items while the slatwall back panel provides versatile display options for any size or weight of product.


Modular Design Allow For Faster Retail Fit Outs 

The modular design of the Ox Gondola system allows for fast and easy installation and assembly.  The Ox Gondola system has a fully welded-steel frame, meaning there are bolted joins that could loosen over time, which ensures superior stability, strength and durability. The Ox system also offers adjustable feet to adapt to uneven floors.


The centre core panels simply lock onto the posts for easy assembly.  All slatwall panels come with aluminium inserts for increased strength.  Panels are finished in an ABS 2mm edging for durability and safety, and kicker panels are available as an added option for framing in either powder coated white or hammertone to match the rest of the display, or your choice of coloured melamine.


Ox Gondolas As An Alternative To Slat Wall For Retail Shelving

Ox Gondolas allow the option to customise the backing panel of your gondola shelving unit to include custom-coloured slat wall.  This allows a wall of single-sided Ox Gondolas to resemble traditional slat wall shelving.


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