Information Kiosk


Increase customer awareness of products and services offered in-store, and create an info hub for your product samples, print media and other promotional items. Adding an information kiosk or information desk to your store, showroom or other business is a great way to encourage customer interaction and ensure your customers are fully knowledgeable on what they are purchasing. No matter the store type, we’ll be able to create the perfect information hub for you and/or your customers’ needs. Kiosks can be designed to be either for employee use or customer interaction.  



Our kiosks can be customised to include a touch screen for either customer or employee use, and can also be customised to include your branding on the side of the kiosk. Uses for touch screens include store directories, stock level displays and more. Stay ahead of the game by installing a unique information kiosk that allows customers to easily find whatever information they’re looking for.