Choose between quality Aluminium and cost-efficient PVC T-Extrusions for your Slatwall System to create your individual storage solution according to your needs. Aluminium Extrusions are available in mill (standard), white and black. PVC Extrusions come in white and black only. 



Extrusions assist your display system through improving load bearing ability, improving appearance, covering sharp corners and ensuring your accessories and fittings are secure in their places. View our range below to find the right Extrusion for your display solution needs.



We always recommend choosing our aluminium option to further increase strength and durability for your slatted wall systems – especially if you’ll be displaying large, bulky or heavy items. If you are only displaying smaller lightweight items, the PVC option may work for you, however we believe it’s always better to be safe and go with the stronger option – just in case. 



Choose from 1200mm or 2400mm lengths of extrusions to best suit your slat system. Our slatted panels are 1200mm x 2400mm, so the extrusion length you choose will be dependent on the orientation of which you get your panels grooved.