Wood Wall Panelling



Panespol® Wood Wall Panels offer all the features of real wood, without the hassle of installing real wood. As a look that will never go out of style, these panels work well with a variety of different decor styles, and conveys comfort, exclusivity, character, and warmth. 



Panespol® faux wood panels are a ‘wood’ with all the advantages of polyurethane – it is light, moisture resistant, insulating, and easy to apply. Best of all, Panespol® Wall Panels do not require any construction gear or heavy machinery to install – simply use woodcutting tools to cut to the correct shape and size. Panespol’s® Wooden Panels are the perfect alternative to real wood, allowing for the same natural and welcoming atmosphere to be portrayed without the troubles attached to installing real wood walls in a space. 



Take a look through our imitation wood panel project gallery below to see the countless ways these panels can be implemented to create unique atmospheres in any setting!





These imitation wooden panels by Panespol make any room feel cosy and welcoming, and will definitely make you double take when you’re told they’re not made of real wood. Find a use for these panels across a range of spaces, including homes, offices, shopfronts, restaurants, cafes and many more. These panels can be used both on the interior and exterior. Get in touch with us today to get some samples of these panels sent to you, or drop by our showroom to see them!



Explore our range of Panespol® Wood Wall Panels below, or view our full range of Panespol® Panels here.