Frequently Asked Questions About Swiftbatten Timber Batten & Wood Slat Wall Panels

Swiftbatten is a 100% Australian-made timber batten wall panel systems that saves timber and money when creating wood slat or timber slat feature walls and ceilings.

Swiftbatten Timber Batten FAQ’s

Swiftbatten is a pre-finished sheet which has a special shaped groove machined into it to create the effect of Timber Battens and Timber Slat Walls or Ceilings. A polymer or aluminium extrusion is then clipped into the groove to form a ‘shadow-line’ between the individual slats to enhance the appearance of each slat.
Swiftbatten comes as a sheet hence it is fast to install. Traditional ‘real’ timber battens need to be fixed to a wall or ceiling one by one, and require many fixing to the backing wall. Swiftbatten is installed as a whole sheet that is simply screwed in place with limited amount of fixings. This means the effect of a timber batten wall or timber slat ceiling can be achieved in less time and cost than traditional timber battens.
All Swiftbatten styles are available as 2400mm x 1200mm. Some colours and finishes are available in a larger format of 3100mm x 1200mm.
If a project requires special sizing speak to one of our sales team members for more information.
The sheets come as a 16mm thick board.
No. One of the unique features of Swiftbatten is a design that ensures all fixings are concealed behind the clip-in Swiftbatten shadow-line inserts for a clean appearance free of vertical joins.
The sheets are fixed using screws which are inserted into the middle of the grooves between the timber-look slats. The bottom of each Swiftbatten groove has a special chamfered section so that the screws sit neatly into the bottom of groove without needing to be countersunk pre-drilled. Simply drill a 4mm hole through the the groove and use an 8 gauge countersunk screw to fix the panel into the wall structure. Once in place the Swiftbatten shadow-line insert hides the screws from view.
The Shadow-line inserts are specially designed to clip securely into each groove. Simply tap one end of the insert into the groove using a rubber mallet. Once started a spline roller or laminate roller can be used to push the remainder of the insert into the groove. The special design of the Shadow-line insert and the shape of the groove allows it to be securely held in place.
The Swiftbatten sheet is a moisture resistant melamine MDF panel. All Swiftbatten sheets are classed EO, made from sustainably sourced timber and are manufactured in Australia.
Any joins on the long-sides of each Swiftbatten sheet will always be hidden under a Shadow-line insert. The long edge of each sheet has a half a groove along the length of the sheet. When two sheets are put together it forms a full groove, which is then hidden when the Shadow-line insert is clipped into place. If the sheets need to be stacked vertically a simple butt join is sufficient and the join line will be minimal.
Yes, the sheet can be installed in a horizontal orientation if required.
The shadow-line clip-in profile extrusion is a commercial-grade, fire-resistant rigid polymer which has a BAL rating of 40. An Aluminium profile is also available and if this is required simply speak to one of our team members to discuss.
The Swiftbatten panel and the Shadow-line insert are both designed and manufactured in Australia.
Unlike real timber battens which often have some form of coating or lacquer to protect the surface, Swiftbatten has a woodgrain melamine surface that requires no coating or follow up maintenance. As normal timber battens age they often require sanding, sealing and other costly maintenance to retain their natural appearance.
The panels can simply be cut with a table saw or tracksaw with a fine-toothed blade. The Shadow-line inserts can be also cut with a drop saw with a fine-toothed blade or aluminium blade.
This depends on the curve radii and also which type of Swiftbatten is required. Speak to one of our sales team members for advice.
Swiftbatten is not recommended for external use. Although Swiftbatten is manufactured with moisture resistant material it is not recommended to be used externally that may be exposed to prolonged or repeated wet weather exposure.
The fixing of the Swiftbatten panels depends on the type of wall structure. Where secure fixings into the structure of wall can be obtained across the sheet then the Swiftbatten panels can be direct-fixed to a wall. See the installation guide for more information.

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