Vivo Gondola


The Vivo gondola Australian made Slatwall gondolas combine premium quality and versatility.


A Complete Mobile Merchandising Solution that’s ideal for:

  • Retailers
  • Showrooms
  • Education facilities
  • and so much more!


The Versatile range of styles facilitate the creation of almost any display configuration you choose, while maintaining maximum retail efficiency. Mobility is also a key features with slatwall gondolas, allowing re-positioning at any stage. The Vivo gondola is only constructed with the highest quality of materials, giving durability and strength to the gondola units, ideal for items large, small, heavy or light.

The Vivo gondola range combines the versatility of Slatwall with a joinery base to create simple effective free standing merchandising solutions. Every Vivo can be customised to suit your colour scheme with different colour Slatwall options and base unit colours. The trims can be a matching colour or to cretae a feature these can be of a contrasting colour. With the larger length Vivo gondolas a steel support leg is incorporated internally for rigidity. Most styles can be manufactured either flat pack as a vertical core and a base or fully assembled. There is an advantage of 2 part flat pack where freighting is required.

Our Vivo Slatwall gondolas can be made in many different styles and if you have a unique requirement or style contact our sales team with your needs.

All Vivo gondolas can be made in a wide of colours and timber grains.

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