Vivo Gondola Style A | Product Display Stand With Flat Base

retail-gondola-product-display-stand-with-coloured-base retail-gondola-product-display-stand-with-coloured-slatwall

SKU: ADV4015_ADV4016_ADV4017

Australian-Made Slatwall Product Display Stand

Our Style A Vivo slatwall gondolas are a versatile freestanding product display stand for any retail store.  The Style A features a slatwall back that can utilise a wide range of slatwall accessories.  The back & flat base can be customised to your choice of over 500 colours.

Key Features Of The Style A Product Display Stand:

  • Available in 6 standard sizes with your choice of over 500 colours
  • Features internal core with hidden timber frame & steel legs for structural strength and stability
  • Mounted on castors for easy repositioning on your retail shop floor
  • A versatile product display stand that’s ideal for retailers & showrooms displaying light to medium weight products
  • Customise with slatwall accessories to best suit your merchandising requirements.



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