Customised Slat Wall Quote Guide

For more details on the options below please read our slat wall FAQ’s at https://www.advdis.com.au/slat-wall-faqs/

Choose from a large number of plain colours or wood grains. Take a look at the attached colour catalogues and leave the colour code in the text box below.

  • Size & Grooving
  • Panel Colour
  • Extrusions
  • Edging
  • Personal Information

Size & Groove Orientation

Do you require standard sized or custom sized panels?

Do you require an interlocking ‘half-groove’ join (hides the join if panels are being stacked on top of one another)?

Spacing Between The Slatwall Grooves

Choose Grooving & Spacing Size (Measured from the centre of one groove to the centre of the next)

Panel Quantity

Panel Colour

Panel Colour

Extrusion Material

Extrusion Material

Extrusion Colour

Extrusion Colour

Edging Options

Edging Options – see images below for reference.

Quote Information