Stone Wall Panelling



Panespol’s® stone wall panels create a powerful atmosphere using textures that imitate stone. Whether you’re looking to create a sophisticated formal area, relaxed shopping area or introduce style into a blank canvas, you will find a faux stone panel perfect for your needs. Acting as a perfect way to integrate textures and aspects of the outdoors to your indoor area, or as an eye-grabbing feature wall in your outdoor space, Panespol’s® imitation stone panels are an excellent addition to add character and texture to enhance the atmosphere in any space.



The range is made from light polymer-based products patented by Panespol®, making installation a breeze. With the panels weighing only a fraction of real stone, there’s no heavy lifting, no building, no noise, no dirt, and most importantly – no construction gear required! Install Panespol® wall panels easily with woodcutting tools, adhesive, joint filler and retouching pigment. 



Take a look through our imitation stone panel project gallery below to see the countless ways these panels can be implemented to create unique atmospheres in any setting!





The powerfully atmospheric stone range products are ideal for a multitude of purposes, including stores, restaurants, hotels, homes, offices, day spas, and many other commercial and private uses. All of Panespol’s® Panels can be used both on the interior and exterior. With a number of different styles, colours and finishes available, there are a multitude of ways to use these panels in varying spaces to create breathtaking displays. Get in touch with us today to get some samples of these panels sent to you, or drop by our showroom to see them!



The Panespol® stone range includes superb options that are often indistinguishable from the real thing. The ambience, warmth and security provided by stone is perfect for creating an impressionable display. The meticulous attention to detail seen in the subtle finishes in the faux stone panels by Panespol ensures you will not be disappointed with the finished product. With a wide range of stone panels available, you’re sure to find the one perfect for your needs.



Explore our range of Panespol® Stone Wall Panels below, or view our full range of Panespol® Panels here.