Flat Stone Wall Panel

Imitation stone wall panels in retail lobby of hotel Full view of 'Flat Stone' imitation stone wall panel Close-up-of-Flat-Stone-wall-panel Product dimensions for flat stone wall panel
Joint Filler | TPT-BTN joint paint | PT-STR retouching paint | PG-GRS pigment
117cm (W) x 88cm (H)


Panespol Flat Stone wall panels create an elegant feel with their flat, asymmetric stones. The panels unique shape delivers an authentic look of a real stone wall and is ideal for creating either a natural feel or a high-quality environment with a distinctive character.

Panespol can be purchased for both commercial projects or by homeowners completing their own DIY feature wall projects.

Installation Requirements:

  • Every 2 panels:
    • 1 Cartridge Adhesive
  • Every 6 panels:
    • 2 Cartridge Joint Filler
    • 1 Bottle TPT-BTN joint paint
  • Every 10 panels:
    • 1 bottle PG-GRS pigment
    • 1 Bottle PT-STR retouching paint

For further information please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team on (07) 3861 8888 or email info@advdis.com.au.

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