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Slatwall Guide

Slatwall provides you with numerous unique display possibilities to suit your product range. Get a quick quote for your customised slatwall creation! 

OX Gondola Guide

With an extra strong and durable steel framing system, the OX Gondola shelving solution is perfect for heavy and bulky items.

Primo Gondola Guide

As a hard wearing system that provide stability and strength in its shelving capabilities, the Primo Gondola shelving solution works excellently in many circumstances.

Be sure to explore the relevant product ranges to get a good idea of what you’re after before filling in one of our guides. Check them out below – 



Slatwall Panels, also known as slot panels, slat panels, and slatted wall panels, are a popular display panel system, consisting of horizontal grooves though a MDF board panel, which accommodate a large variety of fittings that conveniently slide into the slot. Each slot includes a high strength aluminium insert for an increased weight rating. This versatile grooved wall panel system is designed to complement your interior design. Choose from a wide range of colours including modern and contemporary solid colours, classic wood grains, funky patterns and even a natural raw finish. Add a wide variety of accessories to your slatwall panel to create the ultimate display that is perfect for your needs. 


OX Gondola

With superior strength and durable steel framing, the Ox Heavy Duty Gondola Shelving system is the perfect option for displaying or storing heavy and bulky items. The modular design of this unit allows for easy installation and assembly. The Ox Gondola system has a fully welded steel frame, meaning no joints are bolted together, ensuring superior stability, strength and durability. This system also offers adjustable feet. The centre core panels simply lock onto the posts for easy assembly, and can be strengthened internally if desired with stiffening ribs.


Primo Gondola

Primo metal gondolas are a hard wearing system that suit busy environments that require strength, stability and efficient use of space. This metal system is a durable and strong shelving system with a punched panel backing, and is available in different configurations to suit any application. These units are most ideal for supermarkets, hardware stores, automotive stores and other heavy duty applications. The Primo Unit is an excellent choice for both light and heavy duty requirements. A fully welded steel frame ensures strength and durability. Create freestanding centre bays or wall units with our single or double sided bays. Choose from punched panel, plain MDF or slatted wall as your Primo unit backing.


Not the right options for you?

Not to worry! We have a large range of other display options that may be better suited for you. Take a look through them here –


Vivo Gondola – The Vivo Gondola shelving unit is an Australian made display solution, consisting of slatwall panels in a variety of different styles to combine premium quality with versatility. All Vivo Gondolas can be made in a wide range of colours and timber grains.


Space Saver Shelving – This unit is a heavy duty storage system made of high quality steel which can hold up to 2 tonnes per bay. We can tailor packages to your individual requirements, allowing us to make your perfect storage solution.


Glass Cube Shelving System – These displays are an excellent addition to any shop front as the ultimate shopfitting solution. With the cubes being completely customisable, you’re able to make a unique display perfect for your products. Use a variety of connectors to create the size and shape of display you need to adequately display your merchandise in the most eye catching way possible. 


Cable & Rod Hanging Displays – These systems can be custom designed and installed to suit your showroom, office or facility. The clean and crisp design of the cable and rod display systems complement any environment. These systems can act as poster displays, product displays, sign mounts, makeshift partitions and much more. 


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