Explore our guides below to get a quick quote for your customized shelving, gondola and slatwall solutions. Choose from options regarding shape, frame colour, panel colour, extrusions, edging, size, back panel and/or add-ons to create the perfect shelving solution for your space. The guides are simple and easy to use, ensuring no confusion and a quote in no time! Once you submit your completed form, a member of the Advanced Display System team will get back to you as soon as possible with a quote for your product.

Slatwall Guide

Slatwall provides you with numerous unique display possibilities to suit your product range. Get a quick quote for your customised slatwall creation! 

OX Gondola Guide

With an extra strong and durable steel framing system, the OX Gondola shelving solution is perfect for heavy and bulky items.

Primo Gondola Guide

As a hard wearing system that provide stability and strength in its shelving capabilities, the Primo Gondola shelving solution works excellently in many circumstances.

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