Panespol Feature Wall Panels



Panespol Wall Panels are high-quality, state of the art polyurethane-based wall coverings. We are proud to offer Panespol’s® range of wall panels as a logical, hassle-free alternative to overcome the challenges faced when installing real slate, stone, wood, concrete and brick walls.



Wall Panels can help add flair, contrast or harmony to a space wherever they’re installed, and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. These panels are perfect for both private and commercial use in any way imaginable. The wall panels offered by Panespol® could be the final touch you’ve been looking for to finally tie together your house, retail space, office, restaurant or day spa.





Advanced Display Systems are proud to be the distributor of choice for Panespol® in Australia.


Panespol’s® range of panels provides incredibly realistic imitations of classic brickwork, concrete, slate, stone and wood finishes. A number of distinct features of these wall panels, including its eco-friendliness and lightweight design, work together to create unique and stylish interior and exterior designs with little environmental impact. With a simple and easy installation process, Panespol’s® incredibly unique panels negate the need for any building or heavy machinery, with the only tools needed being woodworking tools, adhesive, joint filler and retouching pigment.



View our range of Panespol® Wall Panels below.