Cable & Pocket Window Display | 1.5mm & 3mm Cable


Our display systems are manufactured under high quality control ensuring you receive a superior product. We have a 10 year anti-yellowing guarantee on all of our acrylic products. You’ll be assured a long-lasting, great looking cable system that lasts! Our Cable & Pocket Window Display is the ultimate addition to your office, showroom or shopfront to allow for a simple and tidy way to store, display and distribute brochures, flyers or other promotional materials. Pockets can also be custom made to your specific dimension requirements.



Key Features:

  • The folded design ensures easy opening for fast insertion, removal, or changing of articles.
  • Custom made options are available to meet your specific requirements – dimensions can be made to suit your article size, and depth can be made to suit the quantity to be displayed.
  • The simple, minimalist design helps to avoid the cluttering up of your space or drawing attention away from your brochures. The system will easily complement any décor or furniture.
  • The Cable and pocket window display is specifically designed to display multiple catalogues & brochures on the suspended cable system. This allows for you to save space in comparison to alternative display systems.
  • These acrylic poster holders are designed for use on the cable display system and rod display system, however they also have many other wall mounting uses
  • Use with the added side grip mounts to keep your signs hanging effortlessly on the wall – a perfect solution for any retail, corporate or public environment
  • Acrylic brochure holders and literature displays can be attached to the cable system the same way as poster pockets. Utilise these for multiple brochures or leaflets for an easy ‘take-one’ display for your customers and clients
  • Perspex sign display pockets protect your articles and posters from the everyday wear and tear such as finger marks and dust. Keep your posters looking brand new with our simple displays



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