Why Choose Panespol Faux Wall Cladding Panels?
Watch to learn about Panespol in 3 minutes:

Europe’s leader in amazingly realistic faux wall panels for false brick / brick-imitation walls, stone-wall, slate, timber and concrete-look feature walls.  Panespol pioneered and patented formulas based on state-of-the-art synthetic polymer coatings and decorative panel systems known for their ease of installation. 

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Key Features Of Panespol Faux Wall Cladding Panels

  • Authentic appearance with real mineral in the surface layer

  • Fire-resistant with Group 3 Australian fire certification

  • Strong and durable – Able to be used for interior and exterior application

  • Lightweight – Avoids expensive reinforcing & backing walls that real stone & brick walls require

  • Enhances sustainable design and able to be recycled

  • Non toxic, acid-resistant and inhibits the growth of fungi, mould and condensation

  • Pre-painted & finished – Ready to install with virtually no preparation required

  • Easy to install in hours using only dry-cutting tools  – saving you time and labour costs (No wet-cutting tools required)
Picture of concrete-look wall panels in reception foyer