Dune Concrete-Look Wall Panel

dimensions-of-dune-concrete-corrugated-wall-cladding-panel dune-concrete-corrugated-wall-cladding-panel retail-store-window-with-concrete-corrugated-wall-cladding-panels
2460mm x 1200mm (2.95m?)
Joint Filler | 7044 Retouching Paint

SKU: PADS-076-7044

Dune faux concrete panels add class to interior designs and retail store merchandising displays with its iconic wave pattern and concrete-look texture. The classic ribbed wall panel shape provides a high-quality backdrop that is suitable for an array of settings and interior spaces.

The easy-to-install corrugated wall cladding panels avoid the mess & building works required to install real concrete.

  • Panespol can be purchased for both commercial projects or by homeowners completing their own DIY feature wall projects
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