Concrete Wall Panelling


Introducing one of Panespol’s® most extraordinary success stories, celebrating the stark decorative appeal of unfinished concrete. A look for interiors and exteriors worldwide as a representative of city cool and avant-garde architecture.



The BETON styles faithfully captures the rough and smooth of this concrete. Thanks to the Brutalist movement in art and architecture since the 1960s. This high-end decorative crafting can be implemented by interior designers, retailers, hospitality etc


This stunning imitation of concrete is created from Panespol’s® specially-patented polymer materials.



  • Panels are light weight – No additional building / strengthening of panels are required
  • Very hard-wearing system that makes them ideal for fast, fuss-free, low-noise application
  • Installation uses simple wood working tools for cutting
  • Made from Non-toxic material
  • A 100% recyclable polymer-based, environment-friendly product
  • Miters and corners are simple
  • Panels offer thermal insulation against damp
  • Exclusive design ideas