Concrete Wall Panelling



Introducing one of Panespol’s® most extraordinary success stories – the concrete wall panel range. Celebrating the stark decorative appeal of unfinished concrete, these wall panels boast a minimalistic and avant-garde look, often achieving an incredibly high-impact design. 



These faux concrete panels make for an incredible addition to both interior and exterior spaces as a representation of cool and urban architecture, providing a harmonious wall without severe contrast. The characteristic “blemishes” seen on real concrete walls can also be seen within Panespol’s® range of concrete panels, further enhancing just how realistic these panels appear to the average passer-by, and of course enhancing the impact level these panels have on a space. 



Take a look through our imitation concrete panel project gallery below to see the countless ways these panels can be implemented to create unique atmospheres in any setting!





These imitation concrete panels faithfully capture and portray a simple and welcoming style in a picturesque way. Thanks to the Brutalist movement in art and architecture in the 1960s, concrete walls became increasingly popular in interior and exterior design. This high-end decorative crafting can be implemented in nearly any industry, and in any space, such as in cafes, retail spaces and designer homes. These decorative concrete panels by Panespol® work excellently to unify a setting, and bring the often sought after loft-type design to any space. Or, create a jaw-dropping feature wall by painting your concrete panels any colour you desire. 



Explore our range of Panespol® Concrete Wall Panels below, or view our full range of Panespol® Panels here.