Brick Wall Panelling


Create character and texture in any space by easily installing Panespol® Brick Wall Panels.


Create a sophisticated, rustic and industrial-style feature wall to complement its surroundings in retail outlets, offices and homes. Or, create a cosy and inviting space by installing Panespol® Brick Wall Panels on all walls of the room, office or shopfront. This on-trend style uses urban flavours to introduce the best parts of the outdoors to the interior when used inside, or acts as an incredible addition to add character to any outdoor area.


These products are in high demand for interior decorators, architects, store buyers, franchises, restaurants, and many more business customers. Available in a range of colours to match many design styles, simply select the style of brick that complements your space. If you wish to add some colour to your space, the panels are paintable, allowing you to create a truly unique design.



The Panespol® range offers a superb open brick imitation decorative wall panelling inspired by the different materials used regularly in construction. The range offers a wide variety of brick styles such as rustic, industrial, modern, simple and complex. Simply choose the wall panel that best suits your home or commercial space. If you’re not sure which design is best for you, use the contact us information at the bottom of the page to get in touch with our team who can help you make the right choice.


This brick wall look is achieved via special polymer processing. These wall panels are near-indistinguishable from real brick to the everyday person. Providing the opportunity to create interiors and exteriors that incorporate a unique ambiance, and provide a source of texture to a space, Panespol® Brick Wall Panels are a perfect addition in any space to enhance atmosphere and character.


Key Features:

  • Panels are light weight and easy to manoeuvre
  • A simple installation process allows for fast, fuss-free and low-noise application
  • The installation process only uses simple wood working tools for cutting – no construction work or heavy machinery require!
  • Panespol® Wall panels are made from non-toxic materials
  • Panespol® Wall panels are a 100% recyclable polymer-based environmentally friendly product
  • Mitres and corners are simple – simply cut, install and retouch!
  • Panespol® panels offer thermal insulation against damp.


Explore our range of Panespol® Brick Wall Panels below, or view our full range of Panespol® Panels here.