Brick Wall Panelling


Create a sophisticated industrial-style feature wall to compliment the surroundings. This on trend style using urban flavours to introduce external textures to the interiors. These products are in high demand for interiors decorators, architects, store buyers, franchises, restaurants, and many more business customers.



The Panespol® range offers a superb open brick imitation decorative wall panelling. Inspired by the different materials used regularly in construction. The range offers a wide variety of brick styles: rustic; industrial, modern, simple to complex. Simply choose the style that suits your building / workspace. Recognisable modern and retro styles.


This look is achieved via special polymer processing, are indistinguishable to the naked eye from the real brick. Providing the opportunity to create introduce interiors and exteriors that incorporate cities ambiances. Whether it be Victorian London, jazz-age New York or Chicago.



  • Panels are light weight – No additional building / strengthening of panels are required
  • Very hard-wearing system that makes them ideal for fast, fuss-free, low-noise application
  • Installation uses simple wood working tools for cutting
  • Made from Non-toxic material
  • A 100% recyclable polymer-based, environment-friendly product
  • Miters and corners are simple
  • Panels offer thermal insulation against damp