Refractario Gris Brick

3D-faux-brick-panels-in-swimming-pool-feature-wall dimensions-of-refractario-3D-faux-brick-panels
Fire-Resistant Polyurethane
Joint Filler Segovia Gris Retouching Paint Blanco Retouching Paint Pigment Gris
970mm L x 820mm H (0.79m?)


Deliver the ambience of coastal or resort setting with the classic style of the Refractario Gris 3d faux brick wall panels.

The stone-like tones of the Panespol Refractario Gris 3d faux brick wall panels are a perfect choice for interior design, commercial spaces and feature walls in living areas where a modern style or coastal feel is required.


Panespol can be purchased for both commercial projects or by homeowners completing their own DIY feature wall projects.  See our easy installation guide here.

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