Wall Brick Red Cassel

3D-brick-wall-panel-in-PADS-183-Wall-Brick-Red-Cassel Dimensions-of-3D-brick-wall-panel-red-cassel-wall-brick 3D-brick-wall-panels-in-retail-interior-design-feature-wall 3D-brick-wall-panels-in-lounge-room-brick-feature-wall 3D-brick-wall-panels-in-cafe-design-feature-wall 3D-brick-wall-panels-in-retail-store-design-feature-wall
Fire-Resistant Polyurethane
1090mm L x 905mm H (0.98m)
Joint Filler Segovia Gris Retouching Paint Teja Envejecido Retouching Paint Cassel Pigment


Panespol’s Wall Brick Red Cassel brick wall panels bring character and warmth to spaces with its deep red tones and irregular brick sizing. Like all Panespol 3D brick wall panels there is real mineral in the surface layer, which creates an amazingly realistic look and feel.

The Wall Brick 3D brick wall panels are ideal for cafe designs, hospitality interiors retail designs and feature walls in commercial office designs and residential spaces that wish to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.


Panespol can be purchased for both commercial projects or by homeowners completing their own DIY feature wall projects.

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