Slate Wall Panelling



Panespol’s® slate wall panel range is a prime example of natural, outdoorsy features bringing character to a buildings’ interior, or being used to add texture and character outdoors. This sophisticated finish can be styled in numerous ways – it could be used to maintain a modern atmosphere, adding a touch of class to all kinds of interiors. Or, in contrast, these wall panels can also be styled in a way to portray a rustic feel – the options are endless.



The atmospheric and elegant qualities of the slate finish are reflected in slightly different ways across the varying styles within the slate wall panel range. These three-dimensional, beautifully textured panels are installation friendly, with no need for any construction or heavy machinery – only simple woodworking tools, adhesive, joint filler, and retouching pigment. With an extensive range of slate panels, we have a style to suit everyone’s needs.



Take a look through our imitation slate panel project gallery below to see the countless ways these panels can be implemented to create unique atmospheres in any setting!





Panespol’s® Slate Panels integrate natural characteristics into a space to complement a variety of decorative styles. These panels offer an incredibly cost-effective alternative to real stone, and weigh just a fraction of the weight of actual stone, allowing for easy manoeuvring and installation. With a variety of warm and cool toned options available, we have a wall panel for everyone to suit both indoor and outdoor application.



Explore our range of Panespol® Slate wall Panels below, or view our full range of Panespol® Panels here.