Slate Wall Panelling


Panespol’s® faux slate wall panel range are a prime example of how Panespol 3D wall panels realistically capture the natural texture and character of the materials they replicate. The slate wall panel range features a variety of elegant colours and textures that can integrate natural characteristics into a space to complement a variety of decorative styles. 


Explore our imitation slate panel project gallery below to see the countless ways these panels can be implemented to create unique atmospheres in any setting!



Panespol’s® Slate Wall Cladding offers a cost-effective alternative when compared to real stone & slate feature walls that require specialist stone masons for installation.  The textured wall panels weigh just a fraction of the weight of actual stone and are installation friendly, with no need for any support-wall construction or wet-cutting equipment.  Only standard woodworking tools are required for installation. 


Explore our range of Panespol® Slate wall Panels below, or view our full range of Panespol® Panels here.