Smarthang Cable Suspension System


Some cable display systems require tools to adjust, making the job of hanging panels or hanging signage from a ceiling more difficult & time consuming than necessary.


Smart Hang is a multi-purpose hanging sign bracket and ceiling panel hanging solution. When hanging signage from a ceiling, suspending decorative ceiling panels, or hanging acoustic panels, the Smart Hang Display System makes setting up your hanging display faster and easier.


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Weight Rating For Smarthang Cable Display System


Most fittings in Smarthang Cable Suspension System will support 20-22 kilograms at a 4:1 safety factor when correctly installed with the 1.5mm stainless steel cable.  Specific lightweight ceiling mounts, cable gripper and panel mounts and hooks will range from 2kg to 16kg ratings.  For a safety data sheet on all available fittings contact one of our helpful team.


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