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Smart Fix Aluminium Split Batten

Advanced Display SystemsSmart Fix Aluminium Split Batten system is a fast and easy to install hidden fixing system.  A key difference between Smartfix and other split batten products is that Smartfix features pre-drilled holes every 100mm for effortless installation.  This saves significant time, mess and hassles of drilling through metal onsite, which can save hours and hundreds of dollars on large jobs.


Smartfix is an aluminium cleat hidden fixing designed for easily concealed installation of vertical mounted articles such as panels, signage, artwork, mirrors, bedheads and more!   A key feature of this hidden fixing system is its slimline design, which ensures Smartfix mounts almost flush against the wall.  Once interlocked, this mount is only 5mm thick allowing for a very wide range of uses in commercial, retail and residential applications. 


Key Information About Smartfix Alumium Split Batten

  • The Smartfix aluminium split batten system may also be referred to as a z bracket, aluminium cleat, z rail, French cleats, Z cleats, aluminium hanging strip or sign and barrier rail.
  • Unlike many other systems, Smartfix comes pre-drilled, meaning you don’t need to do it yourself!
  • This product is extremely popular due to how many versatile ways it can be installed and used.
  • The concealed mounting rail is perfect for articles which require constant changing such as signage and displays


Smartfix Installation Process

  1. Simply screw one piece of the bracket to the article you are hanging
  2. Screw the other piece to the wall that the article is to be positioned on
  3. Slot into place


If you are familiar with Smartfix and wish to place an order please use our Smartfix Online Order Form.


To request a sample of Smartfix send us a message via our contact us form


Please note: individual pieces of Smart Fix Aluminium Split Batten may not have the pre-drilled holes in the exact same spots. Some material is lost when these pieces are cut to size, thus meaning some pieces may be a couple of millimetres different to each other in terms of where the holes are positioned.


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Not sure where to start?

If you’re not too sure about what Extrusion you’re after, or if you’re after some more information on shopfitting solutions, don’t hesitate to contact our lovely team at Advanced Display Systems. You can contact us via phone on (07) 3861 8888, or via email at info@advdis.com.au.

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