Vivo Gondola Style G | ‘Pinwheel’ Retail Store Display Stand


SKU: ADV4030_ADV4031

Australian-Made Retail Store Display Gondola

Our Style G Vivo Gondola is a great option for retail store displays that need to display numerous products.  The retail gondola takes up only a small amount of your retail floor space & allows customers easy access to all sides of the display  Products can be displayed on slatwall fittings or store display shelves that can be mounted in the slatwall.

Key Features Of The Style G Gondola Store Display:

  • Available in 2 standard sizes with your choice of over 500 colours
  • 360 degree retail store display allowing for optimal product display and customer access
  • Mounted on wheels for easy repositioning on your retail store floor
  • Ideal for displaying light to medium weight products
  • Customise with slatwall accessories to best suit your product display requirements.
  • Alternatively, choose from melamine shelves or toughened (safety) glass shelves to mount in the slatwall
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