The Difference Between High-Quality Slat Wall & Low-Quality Slat Wall

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Many companies claim to sell high-quality slat wall but how does a retail store owner or shop fitter know?  Our team have seen many cases of buyers believing the claims of cheap imported slat wall being equivalent quality only to end up with a costly repair or replacement bill when the slat wall fails. 

Here are some of the features that make Advanced Display Systems’ high-quality, Australian-made slat wall better than low-quality, imported slat wall:

The Materials Used To Manufacture The Base Board

Most slat wall is made from MDF board coated with a melamine coating to add the surface colour.  The MDF board is manufactured by mixing wood materials with a binding agent and compressing it into panels.  The quality of the binding agent and how it is pressed together greatly affect the strength of the panel.  A low-quality panel may look like any other but it will be prone to cracking when load is applied.  This can leave you with a defect that can be costly (or even impossible) to repair. 

Comparison of imported and Australian made slat wall side on
Note: Imported Slat Wall (top) has a structure that is not densely packed whereas the Australian-made board (bottom) has a tightly-compressed structure for superior strength

The Levels Of Toxic Chemicals Used In The Slat Wall Board Production?

Quality slat wall will be E0 (E-zero) certified, which means that the levels of emissions from the board (VOC or Volatile Organic Compound) are negligible and well below the certified levels considered safe for humans.  Anything less than an E0 rating introduces an element of doubt as to how much of the toxic chemical Formaldehyde has been used in imported board.  Over time excessive Formaldehyde in imported products can be noticed as an unpleasant smell throughout your store and potentially cause headaches and other health issues for staff and customers. 

It is important to note that Advanced Display Systems only uses board that is certified and audited by Australian regulatory bodies.  Imported slat wall may claim to be E0 certified in marketing materials but without the rigorous regulatory framework and testing laboratories we have in Australia it may be a lesser standard of board than claimed.

Is The Timber Sustainably Sourced?

Consumers are becoming more demanding that businesses are environmentally conscious.  All timber used in the manufacture of Advanced Display Systems slat wall has Green Tag ‘Chain Of Custody’ certification and PEFC certification to confirm it comes from sustainable sources.  This reduces the impact on the environment.  Board from countries with weaker regulations cannot be guaranteed to meet the same rigorous standards.

The Tensile Strength Of The Extrusion

Our slat wall panels feature extrusions made from high-quality materials sourced from established, local suppliers.  It is hard to see this quality difference from the outside because two pieces of aluminium slat wall extrusion may look exactly the same but have significantly different underlying tensile strength.  When a low-quality extrusion fails it transfers additional pressure to the slat board which can rupture and leave you with damage that is difficult or impossible to fix.

Comparison of two pieces of slat wall side on
Imported Slat Wall (left) is not as densely densely compressed & extrusions don't match the size of the groove. The Australian-made board (bottom) has a tightly-compressed structure, thicker extrusion fitted exactly to the groove for superior strength

Trust The Certainty Of ADS Australian-Made Slatwall

Advanced Display Systems takes pride in its reputation as a manufacturer and supplier of quality slat wall and shop fitting equipment for over 30 years.  We ensure only the best materials are used in our slat wall to ensure it will perform in your retail store for years to come.  You can learn more about our slatwall on our slat wall products page.

To obtain a quote on slatwall for your retail fitout simply click here to fill out our custom slat wall quote request form.  Call our team to discuss your retail fitout needs on 07) 3861 8888, or send us an email to, and we will be happy to assist. 


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