How much weight can slatwall hold?

As suppliers of slatwall in Brisbane, we know all there is to know about slatwall and other retail wall display systems. If you’re considering a new system for wall display or looking to fit-out a new premises, then slatwall is the perfect choice.

How much weight can slatwall hold?

There are a few aspects that affect how much weight slatwall can hold. The design of the slatwall, the groove size and the type of reinforced inserts used in the grooves dictate the weight that it can safely carry.

As a general guideline, a standard 200mm hook that is used in a reinforced slatwall insert can hold approximately 29.5 – 31.5 kgs. Slatwall without reinforced grooves can only hold about 18.0 – 20.0 kgs.

The key here is using reinforced metal inserts in the slatwall grooves. This increases the weight rating and the strength and stability of the slatwall.

How to use slatwall safely

There are a few best practices to follow to be able to use slatwall safely and carry the appropriate weight.

  • Try to put the weight as close to the slatwall panel as possible. Whether you are using hooks, shelves, or baskets, avoid putting all the weight at the edge. The closest part to the wall will be the strongest weight bearing.
  • Avoid putting anything too large or precariously placed on your hanging systems or shelving. Purchase accessories that are suitable to the products and items you have.
  • Insert your accessories correctly into the grooves. This will ensure that they are securely placed and can safely carry loads.
  • Don’t overload your wall systems. Think about what you want to display and the practicalities of your system. If your slatwall looks too cluttered, it probably means that it is and you should take some of the weight off, as well as the clutter.

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An Alternative Slat Wall System For Heavy Products

If your retail store sells heavy products an alternative to slat wall is slat wall gondolas.  Slatwall gondola shelving achieves a similar look and functionality to slat wall but allow the shelves to be supported in heavy duty steel framing that borders the slat wall panel.  To read a helpful comparison of both products click here.

Benefits of slatwall

  • Easy to install – Slatwall is one of the easiest display and shelving systems to install. The panels come pre-made with grooves and simply need to be screwed into the wall or unit. This also means that it is easy to remove the panels if you ever need to renovate or relocate.

  • Versatile – Not only is slatwall a simple and easy to use system, but it is incredibly versatile. The grooved panels act as a blank slate for whatever accessory you want to use for display, be it hooks, hanging arms, glass or melamine shelves, baskets, bins, brochure or sign holders, the list is endless. This gives you an endless option of display and also makes it simple to change or rearrange your display whenever you want.

  • Durable – Our slatwall panels are manufactured in our Brisbane factory from premium Australian materials. This ensures great quality for high strength shop fittings and longevity of display. If you’re investing in new commercial display systems, you want to get value for money and be sure that you can rely on it for years to come. Slatwall is a great long-term option.

  • Sleek – Another of the great benefits of slatwall is that it offers a sleek and sophisticated display option. It comes in many finishes so you can customise the look to suit your shop design and aesthetic. The panels also provide a clean, unobtrusive foundation for displaying your items and letting them truly shine.

  • Space efficient – Slatwall is incredibly streamlined by design and can sit flush with walls. This makes it one of the most space efficient shelving and display options available. Moving your items or products to walls opens up floor space for customers or other fitouts. It also allows you to use the full height of your walls to display items, creating even more available space.

Why choose Advanced Display Systems For Your Slatwall?

We are an Australian-owned and operated business based in Brisbane with over 30 years of experience in the industry. Our slat wall is manufactured in our Brisbane factory from high-quality, locally sourced materials and will keep your store looking great for many years to come.

If you need advice on the best solution for you we also offer expert advice and friendly customer service. And if you can’t find the perfect solution in our range of products, we offer many customisable products to suit your specific needs.

If you have any more questions about slatwall or our other products, reach out to our friendly team here.

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