Choosing the Best Suited Display System for Your Store

One of the most important facets of successful retailing is the display system. What better way to attract more customers to your store or stall, than to put up a dazzling retail display of your best products? Yes, we have to harness some psychology here – psyche out the shoppers to keep looking and entice them to buy.

It is already a given that people just love to shop. According to statistics, around 39% of the population in the United States alone spend a lot of their time shopping. However, lots of people around your store would not cut it; you have to attract their attention, entice them to look around the store, keep them looking or browsing around long enough, and hopefully, of course, buy something before they leave. The best way to accomplish this is by having a good display system for your store. In other words, your store has to be appealing, interesting, and fresh to the prospective customers.

We have gathered several tips to keep your store’s retail display in top shape:

a. Keep your store’s display system up-to-date and fresh

We have to admit, time nowadays is breezing by fast, and trends and fashion change within a few eye blinks. Consequently, these trends and fads greatly affect the tastes of shoppers and prospective customers. In order to stay competitive in the shop and retailing business, shop owners have to keep abreast or stay on top of these ever-changing trends. Even the simple changing of seasons affects major trends and shopping tastes. For example, you cannot have your store exhibiting a monotone retail display style in the middle of summer or spring; these seasons require more lively colours. Keeping a fresh impression on your store’s displays would ensure that shoppers would not just pass by your store without taking a second-look.

b. Your store’s display system should match your target market

Here is a sample scenario: your store is selling baby and childrenswear– clothing, shoes and accessories. However, for some reason, the store’s retail display and shelves are a bit bulky, thus leaving only narrow spaces between them. Now does this sound right? It does not, because how do you expect the prospective shoppers – mothers with prams – to get inside the door, let alone navigate around the store? For this particular scenario, the store should have a display system that is slim enough and would leave lots of space for the shoppers to browse and walk around with their prams. Always remember that your retail store’s display system should fit and cater to your prospective customers’ needs.

c. Maximize the store’s space for your product display

Now this is closely tied to the previous point mentioned above. While the previous tip focused on design, our main concern this time would be accessibility and visibility. The designs and decors of your retail display might be very attractive, but shoppers might have trouble seeing all of them. For example, many wholesale retail shops out there opt for a “neat piles and stacks” effect on their display shelves. This is good for buyers who already know what and where to buy, but how about those prospective buyers and new customers? If you want to attract new buyers to your store, you should take into account the visibility and accessibility of your products’ display system. Ideally, shoppers go for sight or visual confirmation first before actually inquiring, so this is very important.

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