Maximise Your Stores Display System Effectively with Smart Store Fittings

In your store, you would want to sell all your products effectively by putting them all in display for your customers to see. Of course, you cannot expect a product to be sold when your customers do not even know that they are available. This is especially so, with most customers preferring to take liberty of searching on their own instead of straightforwardly asking for what they need. That being the case, you need to display all your wares. The question is how to do so effectively with your limited store and display space.

This is the problem of most retail stores. They often have to select and prioritise which products to display and promote. But one also have to consider that only displaying the bestsellers will also lessen the chances of selling the items that are already not doing well in the first place. As a smart retailer, you simply cannot make this compromise. You need to make sure that you can sell everything that you have so that you can maximise your profits. For that, perhaps the first thing that you should focus on is to maximise your store’s display system. Here are some store fixtures that can help you do so.



This is a smart solution for your display system as well as your space saving efforts. With this installed in your store, you will be making the most out of the storage potential of your establishment. This is particularly helpful for those who have small stores or limited space. It has the most potential when given the proper slatwall shelving solutions by expert providers. The next few examples are accessories used to create the diverse possibilities with a slat wall panel.


Slatwall hooks

These are used mainly for hang sell products such as clothes, and bags. These can be acquired in different sizes to suit varying products and weights. In any case, the durability is also important so that they can support and not damage the products.


Acrylic display

This is yet another slatwall accessory that is quite versatile in terms of display capabilities. Acrylic displays are a popular choice since its build allows for a clear view of the products displayed on it.

Now, moving away from the slatwall panels and its accompanying accessories, here are other shop fittings that can help you sell your products effectively as well.


Brochure holders

Like any typical store, you would want to spread knowledge of your products further with the use of tangible marketing elements such as brochures. However, having to pass them around can be quite exhausting so instead, you can have them stored in a holder within your store. Place them where they will be easy to spot so that visitors might take notice and get a copy even while browsing.


Notice board

Now here one of the shopfittings that are often overlooked. This is actually very useful as it can promote your store’s activities such as sales and other promotions.


Browse Advanced Display Systems’ extensive range of display solutions. We can also help you fully maximise your store space and come up with a personalised and attractive retail area.

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