How to Use Store Fixtures to Design a Customer-Friendly Store

What influences people when they shop is something every retailer should know. While getting into the mind of each and every person is impossible, there are particular factors that are quite common, which is why an entire science has developed around consumers and their shopping habits. Understanding consumer psychology is essential for any retailer who wishes to increase revenues and expand their business. And store fixtures play a very important role in how people shop and how much they spend.

People Shop with Their Eyes First

A factor that plays an important role in the purchase decision is what a consumer sees. Products featuring highly attractive packaging will sell faster than products with unappealing packaging, regardless of which actual product is better from a quality viewpoint.

The fact that the packaging is more important than the product itself, at least at first, is something that manufacturers and retailers know quite well.

Combine a great product with a stunning packaging and you have got the perfect recipe to succeed. So, how does packaging relate to display systems in your store? Simply put, the displays you have in your store are equivalent to the packaging of a product. So, the more attractive your displays are, the more likely people are to want to pull out their wallets and spend money on you.

Make It Easy for Your Customers to Keep Shopping

When you design your store, make sure that it is easy for customers to keep shopping. In other words, make sure there are no obstacles in their way that would make it difficult for them to reach another area of the store. So, instead of having a labyrinth of free-standing shelves that might make it hard for people to get from one end of the store to the other, consider combining different types of shop fittings, like a series of slatwall panels with a cable system. This will help you create a space that does not seem quite as claustrophobic and allows the client to “flow” from one end to the other.

Also, consider grouping complementary items together. For example, if you own a clothing store, you could group evening dresses together with dress shoes, and clutches. You could take things a step further and match a particular pair of shoes to a certain dress, making it easier for the customer to visualize the final result and entice them to buy.

Clutter Is Your Enemy

Before, piling on merchandise on store shelves that it looked more like a dump than a store was the name of the game and it worked; however, consumer habits have changed and their attention spans are not what they were, especially when they have so many options to choose from. So, why would they struggle in a shop where they can barely figure out what items are actually for sale when they can go to another that is better organised or even shop online?

So, make sure that when you design your store, take into account the type of merchandise you will be selling and its variety. This way you can ensure you have sufficient space to display everything in an organised, albeit attractive, fashion. The more people can see, the more they will buy.

Advanced Display Systems offers a wide range of stylish store fixtures that you can use to create a stunning store design. Not only will you get more people through your doors, but you will find you have an increasing number of repeat customers because there is nothing people like more than shopping in a store that is designed to be customer-friendly.

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