Can You Paint Slatwall?

Slatwall is a versatile and inexpensive option for shop displays and shelving, that’s why it’s one of the most popular choices for shop fitouts.

It comes in panels featuring horizontal, cut-out grooves. The panels are then attached to walls or units so that different accessories can be hung or slotted into the grooves. You can slot in a vast array of display accessories, from shelf brackets, straight or sloping hanger arms, hat, cap and ball arms, wire baskets, or acrylic, glass and melamine shelving. The options are endless for business owners.

But say you purchased slatwall in one colour and then later down the track you want to change that colour or the design finish on the panels. Can you paint slatwall to change the look?

The answer to this question depends on the type of slatwall you have purchased.

Can you paint slatwall?

Slatwall panels are generally made from melamine or a similar laminate finish. Melamine is a hard resin coated paper sheeting used on building materials. It creates a decorative veneer that comes in a range of colours and finishes.

Unlike wood, melamine and laminate can’t be sanded down to a natural grain to create a surface for painting. They do not have a natural grain. For this reason, they are not easily painted and don’t always take paint well.

If you are keen to paint slatwall panels, the key is to roughen and degloss the finish on the surface so that it can better absorb paint and to use the right paint or coating product. The easiest option to paint slatwall made out of melamine or laminate is with a spray paint intended for plastics or specialised melamine paint. These are specifically made for these surfaces, and any other product will either not adhere to the surface or will not create a quality finish.

So the short answer is yes, you can paint slatwall. But it’s important to remember to prepare the surface properly and use the right paint products. Generally it’s not recommended, given the particular finish of slatwall and the end results of painting not able to be guaranteed.

One of the best ways to combat the need to paint slatwall is to purchase it in a neutral colour such as white or black. Choosing a versatile finish means that it will suit anything that is displayed on it and can easily be adapted to changing decor and fit out designs.

What slatwall finishes do we offer?

Our slatwall panel products come in over 500 colour finishes. You can choose from either our Laminex range or Formica range. These high grade finishes give you almost endless options for your slatwall wall system design. They will suit any shop fit out or type of display product.

You can choose from block colours across the spectrum, wood grain and stone finishes to mimic natural materials, or also metal finishes like aluminium or brass.

This large range of finishes means that you generally won’t need to paint your slatwall. If you do want to change the colour down the track, it’s best to seek professional advice from slatwall specialists.

It’s good to remember that there are also plenty of other ways to customise and change your slatwall system without the need to paint them.

Given the vast range of slatwall accessories, you have endless options to update and personalise your display set-up and. Whether it’s hooks, shelves, baskets, bins, or sign holders, you can easily design and then re-design your own display.

The benefits of slatwall

Slatwall is an excellent display choice for utilising small spaces. It can be fitted directly onto walls or against display cabinets, making it a streamlined and economical commercial display system. This is largely why slatwall is preferred in shops that need an attractive display option and make use of every inch of space.

Slatwall allows you to turn entire vertical wall spaces in merchandising or display areas, as well as limitless storage space. You can use it for everything from hanging clothing on hooks or hangers, or as storage space in storerooms, garages, and workspaces.

It is also incredibly versatile and easy to use and modify. Slotting different accessories into the groves to change display designs is simple and quick, anyone can do it.

Australian Made Slatwall Panels & Slatwall Accessories

Why choose us?

We offer an extensive range of high quality display and shelving options. Our product range also covers fittings and fixtures, accessories, showcases, storage products and display solutions.

We can customise your display system to suit your required size, colour, and style. We are entirely Australian owned and operated and pride ourselves on our friendly and professional service to customers here in Brisbane and across the country.

We hope this article has helped answer your question “can you paint slatwall?”. If you have any other questions or enquiries about slatwall, don’t hesitate to get in touch here.

You can also check out our Slatwall Guide that will give you a quick quote for your customised shelving solution.

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