Shop Fittings- What You Need To Know To Maximise Your Merchandising Space

If you want your products and items to fly off your shelves, maybe you should take a good look at how your products are displayed.  Having your merchandise attractively displayed will make your goods more appealing to your customers, make your store seem cleaner, and help you keep accurate inventories.

Shop fittings refer to the process whereby your store receives specialised fittings for equipment, fixtures and trimmings.  The style of Shopfitting you choose is a very important part of the fit out. This decision is very hard when entering in to the retail industry and that’s were ADS Shopfitting experience is available to help without having to pay an advisor. The layout and planning of your store can be created with one of the team’s knowledge and many years of experience.  The recommendation of displays would include the outside wall mounts, centre displays such as gondolas, glass cube units, display shelving and then a wall system which is very import not to over clutter your wall but to ensure you can get the maximum amount of stock in.

This is an essential requirement that every retailer should undergo in order to make the most out of all available sales space.  Some of the most common shop fitting solutions available includes:

Freestanding Shelves

This sort of shelving is used in every store as changing and reconfiguring your displays is important so that buyer is seeing new items that they may have passed by before in front of them. This is done by choosing the most prominent position to catch your customer, Some of the best freestanding displays include metal gondola, slatted wall gondolas, glass showcase towers, cloths racks and display bins for excess stock piles


What better way to maximise your space than with a wide range of sectional and flexible shelving systems? Space saver shelving is fully adjustable and perfect for any application such as displaying merchandise and establishing a place for overstock and general storage. Another very common shelving is the primo metal gondola system. This system’s height can be lowered giving you a clear vision over the stand at your customers, allowing you to eliminate theft


Merchandise islands are another option for an attention grabbing focal point.  These have a tiered structure that allow for multi-level merchandising. This can be designed with a system called infinity – a modular glass and tube system which can be connected to create any configuration.

Wall Systems

The wall system is an important part of the fit-out, the most popular wall system in the world is the grooved wall system called Slatted wall this is because of its large range of accessories available to configure your display. The uprights slot pole system is another very popular system perfect for the hanging application especial in clothing shops.

 Front window

Glass shelving is an excellent option if you are trying to create innovative displays or highlight certain products to passing retail traffic and they are commonly used in conjunction with cable and rod system also accommodating lighting, this helps the viewer see past the window to other products which will inspire them to walk inside the shop.

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