Shop Fittings- What You Need To Know To Maximise Your Merchandising Space


If you want your products and items to fly off your shelves maybe you should take a good look at how your products are displayed.  Retail store research suggests that attractive and convenient product organisation and store layout is a vital component of satisfaction for all types of retail customers.

The style of shop fittings you choose to achieve this is very important.  The overall goal is to ensure you ensure you can display the maximum amount of stock in an organised manner in the space you have available without it appearing cluttered, and give you the maximum amount of flexibility in case you needs change in the future.

For someone new to the retail industry these decisions can be hard.  Our team at Advanced Display System often becomes a vital resource for retail store owners to help them make the best decisions on the layout and planning of their store.  Some of the most common shop fitting equipment store owners need to choose between include:


Freestanding Gondola Shelving If You Need Versatility or Professional-Looking DIY Store Fit Outs

Modular Gondola shelving is can be used in stores for both walls & freestanding displays.  It provides versatility to alter layouts as changing and reconfiguring your displays can be important so that buyer is seeing new items each time they visit the store.  Some of the best freestanding displays include slat wall gondolas, retail gondola product display stands and metal gondola shelving.

Incorporating a welded metal frame into these style of gondolas can allow shelving for heavy products to be mounted directly into the frame.  To learn about the benefits and best uses of each type of gondola shelving click here. 



Slatwall For When Space Around Walls Is Short 

If you are unlikely to need to move locations then slat wall is a great way to create versatile product displays on your shop walls.  It is also better for smaller spaces where the base on free standing shelving would take up too much room.

Australian-made slatwall is created from sustainable forest products and provides superior strength to display a wide range of products.  Slatwall can utilise a wide range of shelves, display arms, storage bins and even poster displays to enhance your sales and marketing.  To see the variety of shop fittings that you can use visit our slatwall accessories page.

Bear in mind slat wall is best installed by retail shopfitting professionals so you may need to factor in the costs and availability of skilled tradespeople into your costs and timings.  Read our article “Comparing The Time & Labour Cost Of Installing Slat Wall Versus Modular Slatwall Gondolas” for more information on what is the best solution for you.


Pre-Made Slatwall Gondolas For Stylish Retail-Floor, Product-Display Stands

Merchandise product display stands are used on your shop floor or on counter top and are another option for an attention grabbing focal point.  These have slat wall incorporated that allow for multi-level merchandising and are mounted on hidden wheels to make rearranging your store displays easy.  These are ideal for light to medium weight products such as fashion, gift or cosmetics products stores.

Learn more about the styles of product display stands available here.  


Free-standing Glass Showcases & Display Counters For Valuable Or High-End Product Brands 

If you want to enhance the perception of quality of your products or you are selling expensive products that you need to keep safe then glass showcases are a great option.

Advanced Display Systems is one of only a few Australian companies that still manufacture these high quality displays here in Australia.  See various styles of glass showcases available here.



Front Window Suspended Shelving For High Quality & Impactful Product Displays

Glass shelving is an excellent option if you are trying to create innovative displays or highlight certain products to passing retail traffic and they are commonly used in conjunction with cable and rod system also accommodating lighting, this helps the viewer see past the window to other products which will inspire them to walk inside the shop.

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