6mm & 10mm Rod System


Cable and Rod Display Systems


The Stainless Steel Rod System is a stylish, quality display system that incorporates signage and shopfitting solutions


  • This system is commonly used for its strength and rigidity advantages
  • The infinite selection of fittings gives you the opportunity to create, with your imagination, an impressive display which captures the concept of products through space and shape
  • Not only are these systems easy to configure into impressive designs, they’re also surprisingly easy to install – you could have your new signage, shelving or displays set up in a matter of minutes


Our cable and rod display systems are ideal for creating elegant, minimalist store signage in a range of settings and situations.


  • It’s popular for adding signage to heritage buildings, in order to not detract from the facade, or to contemporary buildings where heavy traditional signs wouldn’t be appropriate
  • You can see some more examples of how stores use these components by clicking on the applications gallery below