How To Hang Pictures With A Wire Hanging System

Do you need to hang pictures or other display items in your business or commercial space? A wire hanging system offers a creative and versatile option, and can become a stand-out feature in your space.

Instead of having set screw locations in the wall, wire hanging systems allow you to organise and rearrange your picture heights whenever you like. No matter if you’re hanging signage, decorative panels, decor, pictures, or anything else, a wire cable hanging system offers a sleek and versatile solution.

So, you may be wondering how to hang pictures with a wire hanging system? We’ll go into detail about this below.

How to hang pictures with a wire hanging system

There’s an art to hanging pictures the right way. There are a few steps you’ll need to take in preparation for hanging your pictures. If you don’t spend time preparing your hanging system, you could end up damaging your walls or ceiling and your pictures, or ending up with a less than perfect hanging display.

Here’s the steps you’ll need to take:

1. Choose the right mounting systems

When choosing mounts, you’ll need to consider two factors: the state of the wall/ceiling you will be hanging from and the weight of the picture.

If your wall is supported by studs, screwing directly into these will give you more support. If you don’t have reinforced walls, a wall anchor will provide more support when screwing into the wall or ceiling.

Then think about the weight of your pictures. Are they on the heavy side with solid frames and glass panels or are they lighter with plastic frames or small sizes? Different cables and mounts can support varying weights.

2. Look at your picture frames

Are the frames sturdy with secure hook tabs? Or do they need a different hanging method, such as a panel mount or a pivot gripper? Look at the frames you’re working with to select the right grippers or hooks.

3. Have the right tools

Before you start screwing holes or attaching wires, make sure you have the right tools for the job. You’ll need your wire hanging system, your pictures, a power drill or screwdriver, measuring tape, and possibly a ladder.

Some mounting systems only need to be hooked onto ceiling grids (if you have this system in place) so they don’t require as many tools for installation.

4. Pick your spot

Think carefully about where you want your pictures hanging. If you have to install mounts into the ceiling or walls, then you’ll want to be certain about their location before you start screwing holes. If you’re displaying products or signage as part of a retail display, you’ll want to keep your visual merchandising in mind and the rest of your shop fitout.

5. Take measurements

As the saying goes: measure twice, cut once. Always measure the location of your mountings and the length of the wire cables you want to hang your pictures off. There is always the option to change the cable length and the hooks or fasteners, but once your mounts are screwed in, you won’t be able to change the placement. 

When measuring the height your pictures will sit, place the fastener into the tab or the wire at the back of the frame and pull the wire cable taut. When you have the picture sitting at the right height, use a tape measure to measure the distance from the top edge of the frame to the centre of the fastener. Mark this spot and use it as a guide for trimming your wire cable.

6. Fasten and hang

Fasten your mounts securely into the ceiling or wall, make sure the wire cable is tightly secured, and only then should you hang your picture from the hook or clasp at the end of the cable. Make sure your picture is properly secured on the system and that it doesn’t hang crooked.

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7. Check your work

Lastly, stand back and check your work. Do the pictures look to be at the right height? Are they hanging straight? Do they work with the rest of your display systems? Doing one final check will allow you to bring all of your displays together and ensure that your space has a cohesive look.

Our Wire Hanging Systems

We have a great selection of wire hanging systems to choose from, with ceiling mounts and attachments, a great selection of cable grippers, different grades of stainless steel cable, and even a Smarthang cable suspension kit.

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We hope this article has given you a great step by step guide explaining how to hang pictures with a wire hanging system. If you have any questions about installation or any of our wire hanging displays, get in touch with our friendly team here.

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