Faux Wall Panels For Events & Exhibits

Panespol Faux Stone & Brick Wall Panels Create Authentic Sets For Stage & Tourism Exhibits

Panespol is chosen by leading set designers & creative professionals for its authentic features that are realistic and durable while also being light and easy to work with. It allows museum curators and technicians to work it into their sets with ease and comfort. Panespol is fire resistant and able to meet fire regulations for museum and stage set materials.

Project Example 1 - Normandy Victory Museum (NVM)

The Normandy Victory Museum (NVM) in northern France commemorates battles of WWII following the Normandy beach landings by the allied powers fighting Hitler’s Germany.  The new museum, which charts key WWII events of summer 1944, is located in Catz, near Carentan, on what was an airfield close to where the D-Day beach landings of Operation Overlord took place. It complements local tourist attractions in an area of great historical interest.

The mueseum commissioned Panespol® to create and deliver some of its key scenic elements perfectly finished and painted, reflecting the destruction wrought by tank and infantry warfare.  Panespol’s®amazing surfaces have succeeded in creating deep splits and cracks in the brickwork of houses and the stone wall of a ruined café. 

Project Example 2 - Rap Concert Depicting The Streets Of Paris Live On Stage

Stage set designers for rapper William Nzobazola (aka Ninho) used Panespol’s imitation concrete-look wall panels to recreate neighborhoods of Paris and form a perfect background for laser projections.  The result was an amazingly realistic feel with a innovative and unique atmosphere.

Project Example 3 - Motorcycle Racing Display

A display featuring unique motorcycle racing bikes showing the progression over a select number of years.  The brick wall panels are used to add an extra edge to the display.

To learn more about Panespol click below or contact the Advanced Display Systems team on 1800 111 477 for advice on your project.

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