4 DIY Display Ideas For Your Retail Store

Fitting out your retail space presents you with endless possibilities, but with all the options in front of you, it can get overwhelming. But your retail displays don’t have to be a headache, there are heaps of simple and effective options and plenty that you can even build and install yourself.

If you’re working on a budget, DIY retail displays are the perfect option for you. Take a look at how easy it can be with these display ideas.

1. Slatwall

Slatwall panels are the ultimate versatile display system. Not only does it make the most of your space, but it’s also incredibly easy to install yourself. Slatwall panels are often also called slot panels, slat panels, and slatted wall panels, but they all work the same way. The MDF board panels have horizontal grooves which accommodate a large variety of fittings and hanging accessories. The fittings slide into the slots in the panels and allow you to securely hang and display a multitude of items.

Slatwall is an ever-popular display system for people who want an easy but effective solution. It suits any kind of product, with the fittings it accommodates ranging from hanging arms, shelving, hooks, baskets and display cases. Each slot in the slatwall includes a high strength aluminium insert which means an increased weight rating. You can easily DIY your displays, using your fittings of choice to position your products and then constantly update your display when it suits you.

The installation of slatwall is also incredibly easy to do yourself. At ADS, our panels can be cut-to-size, with edgings & trims, as well as custom grooving and base shelves or plinths. The panels come standard in a 2400mm x 1200mm size, but can easily be cut to suit the size and layout of your store. That way, your panels will arrive ready to install, providing a fast and easy display solution.

Take a look at our slatwall guide for more information.

2. Ladder shelves

Another great DIY option is repurposing wooden ladders as rustic shelving. This display trend has grown in popularity in recent years, as it adds a nice design accent to retail spaces, while being incredibly versatile. They’re a functional way to showcase a range of products, from laying clothing items over the rungs, stacking up homewares between the rungs, and even creating your own shelving by running planks between two ladders.

This DIY option allows you to alter your set-up and display when it suits you, giving you endless display opportunities.

3. Glass display cases

Display cases offer a range of solutions for your retail space. They come in a variety of heights, sizes, styles and types, giving you an option to suit any layout and design. Glass display cases can easily highlight your products, creating a great visual accent and making your valuable items stand out in your space. You can use glass cases to display merchandise, trophies or awards in an aesthetic and eye-grabbing way.

You can also rest easy with this secure display option. The glass cases are secure and lockable, giving you peace of mind with your valuable products.

The best bit? Glass display cases come fully assembled, meaning you can easily position and fill them for a fast and effective DIY display. They offer a sleek addition to any retail space and don’t take up too much space. Find out more about glass display cases here.

Advanced Display Systems | Custom Showcases

4. Upcycled items

You can let your creative side run wild with your retail designs. It’s easy to create eye-catching displays using upcycled items like pallets, crates, coat hangers, and suitcases, and it’s a great way to add interesting accents to your retail space.

Look at the display items you already have and consider how these can be modified and freshened up. Don’t forget to look at the items that you may have normally thrown out. Packaging pallets can create interesting and rustic looking displays, while coat hangers can be used to create a hanging display. Take a look at suspended cable support systems to securely mount your hanging displays.

How your displays can command shoppers attention

Making your displays eye-catching is important, no matter what kind of display you choose. It will help to get customers attention and make the products much more appealing. When all of your displays look the same, it can be hard to create visual interest. You’ll know better than anyone that the way you display products can have a big impact on sales.

Whether you’re using hanging shelves in your windows, glass display cases in your floor plan, or slatwall for your wall display, you’ll need to ensure that you highlight your products. The best way to command shoppers attention with your displays is by:

  • Installing good lighting that makes your items easy to see and directs your customers eyes.
  • Placing key products at eye-level so customers can’t miss them.
  • And making the most of eye-catching colours to create visual interest.

Now you’ve got some great DIY ideas, you can work your magic on your new retail display or even give your space a much-needed refresh. If you have any questions about retail fitouts or display solutions like slatwall, get in touch with our team at Advanced Display Systems for some expert advice by calling (07) 3861 8888.

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