4 Space-Saving Tips For Garage Storage Systems

Whether you want to give your garage a clean-out or you want to maximise on space, having an effective storage system is the perfect way to bring order to your garage. 

It doesn’t matter if you use your garage to store tools and appliances, or as an extension of your household storage, keeping the space in order is the best way to make the most of your space.

Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to save space in your garage storage system.




4 space-saving tips

1. Use wall panels to maximise space

Is the floor of your garage a mess? You’re not alone. Many shelving systems take up valuable floor space and can end up reducing the useful are of your garage.  The best way to store all of these items is with wall panels. Not only does this system maximise the space in your garage by utilising the available wall space but it also makes all of your items easy to see and access.

Wall panels are easy to attach and allow you to store items vertically, with different hanging and shelf accessories slotted into the purposely cut grooves in the panels. This means that they are endlessly versatile and incredibly durable.

2. Use appropriate hanging & shelf accessories to store items

Rather than stacking everything onto shelves, there are much more efficient ways of storing items. There are speciality design accessories that allow you to hang bicycles, loop hoses, hold balls and other sports items, and hook tools. Using the right accessory not only saves on space, but it also ensures that everything is easy to access, instead of being pushed to the back of a shelf.

3. Use workbenches with inbuilt tool holders & shelving

Having a good quality and spacious workbench is an important part of a garage set-up, but some workbenches don’t offer anything more than a flat space to work on. Upgrade your set-up with a workbench that offers more, such as a base shelf, slots for easy tool storage, and screw compartments. This means you can easily organise your workspace and have your most frequently used items on hand.

Xtrastor Work Bench 1200

4. Have a good quality tool box

A good quality, comprehensive tool box can make all the difference to a messy garage. If you have tools spread everywhere across your garage and a long list of missing tools, a tool box provides an easy and clean way to store your tools. Look for one that fits all your tools, has suitable compartments and easy access.

Products for storage systems

Xtrastor™ Workbench
The Xtrastor Workbenches are designed for easy use and provide the perfect solution for whatever application you need. There are slots in the side of the bench top for things like drills and other tools, as well as screw compartments and even a shelf for storage. The benches are made from a strong and sturdy plywood frame, having a high load capacity of 750kgs and are fast and easy to assemble.

There are two options for the Xtrastor Workbench – the simple bench or the bench with back storage panel.

Xtrastor Workbench

Xtrastor™ Wall Panels
Xtrastor Wall Panels offer an effective and simple way to organise your garage and efficiently store all of your items. They are easy to install and endlessly versatile, with the machined slots allowing for adaptable hanging and shelf systems. The panels are also extremely strong and durable, and attach to the wall with just four screws. This makes them very simple to install and to achieve great results. The way that the panels lock together increases strength and durability, as well as making it easy to add panels to the system at any stage.

Xtrastor™ Wall Accessories
If you have installed a wall panel system for your storage, you will likely need wall accessories so that you can sort and store items. Heavy duty hooks, bike holders, baskets, shelves, multi tool holders, and loop hooks are just some of the accessories that will allow you to efficiently and safely store your items. Using the right storage accessory is important, as there may be items in your garage that pose a safety risk, such as tools or cleaning supplies. Take a look at our full range of wall accessories here.

Xtrastor - Ball Holder

Xtrastor™ Packages

Whether you are a car enthusiast, fishing enthusiast, or camping enthusiast, ADS has the garage storage package to perfectly suit your needs. Our specially designed packages provide all you need to store your garage items and take the guesswork out of organising your storage system. With packages including the Aussie Yard Kit, Mr Clean Kit, Oceane Kit, Riders Kit, and Handy Herbert Kit, you can easily find one to suit you. If not, you can create a custom system from our garage storage products.

If you want to upgrade your garage set-up but you’re unsure what system is best for you, get in touch with Advanced Display Systems to get our expert advice.

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