Xtrastor™ | Panel Fitting & Accessories



Xtrastor wall panels accept a wide variety of fittings and accessories, including hooks, baskets, prongs, and brackets, right up to full length shelving. The best part about this storage system is just how easily and quickly accessories and fittings can be changed at any time to suit your changing storage requirements.



Xtrastor excels in efficient use of space, versatility and durability due to its unique and high quality design that is built to last. All fittings and accessories have a strong steel back plate with MIG welded joints for extra strength, and are finished with a rust-resistant epoxy metallic silver powder coating. This wide range of Xtrastor panel fittings and accessories allows for an easily customisable system that suits exactly what you need. Find the individual accessories you want for your storage, or view our packages for a variety of bundles that may work for you. 



Explore our range of fittings and accessories below, or scroll down further to find out more information about each fitting and accessory we offer in our range.