Xtrastor™ | Workbench with Back Storage Panel


SKU: XS-3125

Is your garage or storage room a mess? Organise it all with Xtrastor™ – Store more off the floor!

Xtrastor™ Ultima Workbench with Back Storage Panel –  a workbench and storage unit all in one!

  • This innovative workbench stores all you’ll ever need to complete your projects, featuring slots on the top for tools and small parts such as screws and a storage shelf below for additional space
  • The Xtrastor™ slotted panel is designed for optimum usage, with a variety of hooks, shelves and fittings giving you all you need to store your items off the bench, giving you maximum working space


  • High load capacity (750kg)
  • Strong and sturdy Plywood frame
  • Fast and easy assembly
  • Integrated base shelf
  • Bench top slots for tools

Back panel for extra storage Included with this work bench

  • 1x Plywood Workbench (uncoated)
  • 1 x White Xtrastor™ Wall panel
  • 10 x Light Duty Single Hooks
  • Note: tools shown in the image are not included in this package.
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