Xtrastor™ | Aussie yard kit


Price: $329.00

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After a hard day’s work in the yard, the Aussie Yard Kit provides you with all the storage you will need to make sure all your gardening and yard upkeep tools are stored neatly, are easily accessible and are easy to put away.

Package includes:

    • 4 x White Xtrastor™ wall panels (1170mm L x 16mm D x 590mm H – per sheet)
    • 2 x Short arm
    • 1 x Metal shelf
    • 5 x Heavy duty long single hook
    • 5 x Heavy duty wide double hook
    • 5 x Heavy duty double hook
    • 10 x Light duty single hook
    • 1 x Multi prong hook
    • 1 x Loop hook
    • 1 x Short deep basket
    • 2 x Vertical edge lock joiner
    • 2 x Horizontal edge lock joiner
    • 6 x Channel capping white (590mm L)

Store more off the floor with Xtrastor!

  • (Note: tools shown in the photo are for illustration purposes only)
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