Where to buy slatwall

Slatwall is a versatile and space efficient display system for everything from shops, showrooms, storage and exhibition spaces. They are a popular option in display and shopfitting because they are able to maximise even the smallest spaces. This ensures that you have plenty of usable floor space and can effectively display a large amount of products or items.

Slatwall panels can be installed wherever you need them, on walls or free-standing units. They are entirely customisable to suit your needs and specifications. When fitting out your new space, slatwall is one of the best options to create a sleek and adjustable display solution.

If you’re considering slatwall for your fit-out or refurbishment, you may be wondering where to buy slatwall that is high-quality and top of the line.

When choosing your slatwall, it’s best to go with an Australian supplier that knows the industry well and can work with your specific needs. Experienced suppliers will also be able to advise you on your best display options. Local suppliers also have the benefit of working out of a showroom, so you can see how slatwall looks and operates before you invest in it.

Where to buy slatwall

At Advanced Display Systems, we offer top of the line slatwall for customers all over Australia and have a dedicated showroom for our customers in Brisbane. You can find our showroom here.

Our online store also features our range of fittings and fixtures, shelving and showcases, storage products, notice boards and wall systems.

When selecting your slatwall, you have a range of options and specifications that you can select. Take a look at these below.

You can choose:

  • Specifications – The standard slatwall panel is 2400mm x 1200mm, however we can cut sheets to your specific size requirements. All you need to do is specify these in your order.
  • Colour finish – We offer an extensive selection of finishes for slatwall panels, with over 500 colour options. Our range includes Formica and Laminex finishes.
  • Orientation – You can choose for your slatwall panels to come in either a landscape or portrait format.
  • Groove measurements – We can even groove your Slatwall with special spacing, or if you only want part of the sheet grooved, this can be made to order.
  • Edge finish – We also offer a wide range of edge finish options, including ABS Edging, 90 Degree Corner Extrusions, Angle Extrusion Face & Reverse Trim, and U Channel Extrusions. Take a look at our edging options here.
  • Panels or mesh – As well as our popular panels, we also offer a slatted mesh option that is very customisable and uses the same accessories as slatwall.

After choosing your desired slatwall, you can also choose from a vast selection of displays and accessories. Take a look at some of our slatwall accessories below.

Slatwall accessories

  • Display hooks – These simple and strong hooks are available in a range of sizes to suit your hanging requirements.
  • Straight and sloping arms – Display arms come in a range of sizes and formations and allow for the neat hanging of products.
  • Hat, cap and ball arms – Designed specifically for displaying balls and hats, these are the perfect accessory for sporting stores.
  • Wire baskets – Perfect for organising and tidying your display. They come in black or chrome finishes and a range of sizes.
  • Acrylic shelves and bins – We have a wide range of acrylic accessories, everything from shelves, shelf brackets, and card racks.
  • Glass shelves – Enhance the view of your products with streamlined glass shelves. You can choose the size, colour and backing finish.
  • Melamine shelves – Offering a durable and strong display option, these particle board shelves are a neat and versatile slatwall shelving accessory. You can choose the size, colour and backing finish.
  • Brochure and wall sign holders – you can display literature, brochure, catalogues and signs with a neat and organised system of clear perspex holders.

For our full list of accessory products, take a look at our website here.

Why Advanced Display?

We are a family owned and operated business based in Brisbane, with our showroom in Eagle Farm. Our showroom has our wide range of products on display, so that our customers can come and see them in action.

Our extensive range of high-quality and cutting edge display products are suited to any fitout required. We have everything from fittings, fixtures, shelves, showcases, storage or commercial display systems. If you’re not located in Brisbane, we partner with leading transport companies to make sure your orders are delivered quickly and reliably. So no matter where your project is located, we can service your needs.

We hope this article has helped answer your questions about where to buy slatwall. If you have any questions about our slatwall products or any of the products we offer, reach out to our friendly team here.

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