Slatted Wall Design Ideas to Boost Your Business

Any retail business owner will understand the importance of choosing the right store fixtures to maximise product display. After all, showcasing merchandise to full advantage is the easiest way to attract a customer’s attention to items on sale.

Many retail store owners will utilise shelving or rack displays on the floor. Shelves are often strategically placed within the available space to allow traffic to move between displays and lead to the register counter.

However, if store space is limited it can be challenging to find the right display system to adequately arrange all available merchandise. This is where it can be vital to be selective about shop fittings.

Maximising Wall Space

Installing a slatted wall system can be the ideal way to increase product visibility within many retail store environments. A slat wall panel can be installed directly onto walls to allow for added merchandising displays or positioned in the shopfront window utilizing a freestanding system, to maximise display visibility from outside the store.

It is also possible to create slatted wall stands and displays that can be arranged on the shop floor.

Rotating Stock Made Easy

For those retailers who prefer to rotate stock to suit seasonal displays, it is possible to obtain a broad range of slatwall accessories that let you change stock as required without needing to amend or move existing shopfittings.

As an example, smaller items can be placed, arranged or folded onto slatwall shelving. Some items may be better displayed hanging from slatwall hooks, which can be ideal for clothing or individually packaged products. As seasonal stock and different products are rotated, you will be able to mix and match the slat wall accessories you have to suit your requirements.

It is also possible to purchase a range of acrylic displays that can be fitted into slatwall panels. Accessories such as brochure holders or clear acrylic display bins can be ideal for displaying specific products.

Attracting Attention with the Right Retail Displays

Even though you may have created highly visible product displays along slatwall systems within your store, there may be some products you want to highlight over others. This is especially true during sale times or promotional periods.

If you have chosen to use your shop’s wall space for product display purposes, you may not have the available room to hang promotional banners to advertise your sale or promotion. Instead, you can optimise the unused sections of your store to your advantage.

As customers enter your store, it is likely they will see a range of shelves and displays positioned around the floor. However, in order to draw attention to a sale or special promotion, you can opt to hang marketing signs or banners from a strategically hung cable system.  As the space above your displays goes largely unused, why not find ways to use it for your business’s benefit?

Likewise, you can also use a slatted wall panel installed within your window display as a convenient notice board. The whole idea is to draw attention from passing foot-traffic long enough to entice them to come into the store. From there, your internal shop fittings and displays will do the job of showcasing your products.

The whole key to boosting your business is to constantly think of ways to attract more attention to the products you are selling. Here at Advanced Display Systems, we will work with you to come up with the shop display systems that best fit your needs. Browse our wide range of shop fittings now!

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