Where to buy cube shelves

Are you looking to invest in some new cube shelving for your business or store? You may be wondering where to buy cube shelves. We have a great selection of cube shelving and can also help with your installation needs.

Why choose cube shelves?

Cube shelves and units are a classic and simple display option. They have the versatility to do everything from store items for businesses to display valuable products in retail spaces. Cube shelves and unit displays are a great addition to commercial spaces, businesses, and facilities, they are particularly effective installed on walls and can display singular or important objects.

Commercial shelving options

Every showroom is different. From the products displayed to the size of the room, so one has the exact same requirements for their shelving.

Having the right shelving in commercial spaces can make or break a business. Something as simple as how you choose to display products can have a big impact on their desirability to customers. Having a properly laid out and merchandised space can help with sales and the feel of your space.

One of the best shelving options is cube shelves. They are incredibly accessible and neat; a classic style choice for any setting. They allow for open display of products and also contained displays with lockable glass cubes. It depends entirely on your needs and many can be reconfigured at your needs change.

Style of cube shelves

Cube displays come in a range of styles and materials. The most common are glass, Perspex and melamine which allow for visible and accessible displays in any setting.

Here are the main styles of cube shelves:

Display Cubes

Display cubes are a great option for creating modular displays for smaller items. They help to draw customer’s focus to a specific item or location. You can hang display cubes on a suspended cable or rod system for an impressive store display. Our cubes are available in clear Perspex or melamine in a colour of your choice.

Glass Cube Unit

Glass cube units are compact and versatile. You can also personalize the layout of glass cube units by using connectors –  these allow you to build your own display, depending on your requirements, and change the layout easily when you want to mix things up.

The cubes are also lockable, so you can display valuable items or exhibition items with peace of mind.

Cube Shelving Units

Cube shelving units are a great display solution for modular apparel and are designed for easy stock organization. You can combine the shelving units with storage units for excess stock, as they are a great way to visibly and easily organize stock. Our shelving units feature timber grain colouring to suit your store design and are made to order.

Cube shelving is a great way to display stock in easy to reach ways, which creates a positive in-store sales experience.

You can request a quote for out cube shelving units.

rod and cable display systems

Tips on shelf visual merchandising

Whenever selecting shelf displays, it’s always a good idea to think like a visual merchandiser. Certain layouts unconsciously drive customers to look at them and make what’s on display seem more appealing. The psychology of this taps into three things: emotion, interest, imagination. Customers unconsciously buy things depending on their state of mind, in other words if a store makes them feel good and has an appealing layout, they are more likely to buy. It’s important to give some thought to your shelving and display and take into account your target customers.

You should always think about display and shelving from the perspective of your customers. What interests them? What are they more likely to do and where will they look? Make sure their interest is piqued and display your items in a way that sparks their imagination.

Cube shelving and displays can be a very effective way of achieving this. They make it easy to see and reach products and allow people to select from well-organised, small items. Our team are experts in merchandising layouts for a range of business and retail types. They will be able to advise the best solution for you with their professional and friendly service.

Where to buy cube shelves?

You can take a look through our cube shelving options on our website here. Our team has advanced expertise in retail display systems, shop fittings and storage layout design.

Advanced Display Systems are a family owned and operated business, based in Eagle Farm, Queensland. We started in 1987 and offer high quality products and unique European designs ranging from fittings and fixtures, shelving, showcases storage products and display solutions.

We hope this has helped answer you query about where to buy cube shelves. If you have any questions or want to learn more about our cube shelving options, get in touch with out friendly team today.

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