What is Melamine Retail Shelving?

Melamine retail shelves are a great, cost effective shelving option and offer a neat and sleek design aesthetic.  The major advantage of melamine (laminate) is that is available in a huge range of colours from suppliers such as Polytec, Laminex and Formica so it can be easily colour matched to your slat wall, counters or gondolas in your store. 

What is Melamine Shelving?

Melamine or laminate is a strong and durable building material that makes a great, long-lasting shelving option. It is made up of a resin coated paper sheet material and has a decorative veneer which makes it popular for the construction of cabinets, furniture and shelving because of its durability.

We offer melamine shelving for a range of applications. Our base colours are black, white and timber grain, but we offer custom made-to-order colours to suit your needs. We also have a range of set sizes that we find are most popular, but if you have a job that requires custom shelving, we have a made-to-order option. Please get in touch with our friendly staff for a quote about custom shelving.


Where Would You Use Melamine Shelving?

Melamine shelving is used for a range of shelving needs, whether it’s commercial shelving or display systems.  Our melamine shelving options suit the shelving brackets used with both slotted wall stripping or slatwall systems. This means that your melamine shelving is incredibly versatile and can be moved and adapted to suit your display needs.


Shelving Do’s and Don’ts

Do – think about your products:

  • what will you be using the shelving for?
  • Will it be to display single items or products?
  • What size and weight are the products generally?
  • Will it be a storage shelf and need to carry the weight of heavy books?

All of these questions are important to think about when selecting your shelving. A specialist company will also be able to advise you on the right shelf for you, so if in doubt, ask a professional.

Don’t – overload shelves:

  • not only is clutter bad for organizing stock and visual merchandising, but it can also be dangerous for shelving.
  • Depending on the structure and type of shelving, they can take different weight loads.
  • Never overload shelves with too much stock or products – keep it to a minimum for safety and visibility.
Advanced Display Systems | Melamine Shelves

Top Tip

Remember, people shop with their eyes. That’s why the way something is displayed and the shelving it is on can have a big impact on sales. What a customer sees has a huge influence on what they purchase, particularly with thinks like attractive packaging and visual merchandising.

It’s been proven that products with attractive packaging sell much faster than those with unappealing packaging, regardless of which product is better quality and better value.

Combining a great product and a prominent display is the key to a successful retail space. The better your shelving systems, the more appealing your products will look. Check out our blog on the importance of branded merchandise here for more information.

Why Choose Us?

We have a large range of high-quality products and even some unique European designs in fittings and fixtures, shelving solutions, showcases, storage products and display options.

We also partner with the leading transport companies so we can service clients across Australia, making sure we can help wherever a project is located or required.

We are a family owned and operated business, first established in Brisbane all the way back in 1987. You’ll now find us in Eagle Farm where our display showroom is open for clients to come in and view our product range in action.

We hope this article has helped answer your question “what is melamine shelving? If you have any more questions about melamine shelves or any of the products we have, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team here.

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