What is a sneeze guard?

In recent times, you may have noticed new sneeze guards in your local grocery stores and other retail locations. With the world facing a global pandemic, many businesses are stepping up to increase the protection measure for their staff and patrons.

So, what is a sneeze guard? Why do businesses install them? And what types of sneeze guards exist? Read on to find out more!

What is a sneeze guard?

A sneeze guard is a product created to prevent the spread of germs. These guards are generally made from plastic or glass, and are used as a barrier against sneezes, coughs, and other airborne germ transmission. Sneeze guards are available in a range of different sizes and styles. The basic answer to “what is a sneeze guard?” is quite simply – it is a guard that protect people and products from sneezes (and coughs!).

Why use a sneeze guard?

A sneeze guard is primarily used to protect people and food products from germs. The COVID-19 pandemic has seen many businesses looking to increase the protection of their staff and customers. When installed correctly, a sneeze guard can help to create a barrier against coughs and sneezes, providing defence against the spread of germs.

While as of July 2020, it is not required for businesses to install sneeze guards between workers and customers in Australia, many stores are choosing to implement them as an extra safety measure. According to Safe Work Australia, if you decide to install a sneeze guard, you must make sure that it protects the faces of workers from droplet spray and is fit for purpose, allowing staff to work safely. You must also ensure that you consult with your staff about the installation, and provide the required training and instruction regarding using use the screen.

If you are interested in getting sneeze guards installed at your business, submit a quote request for the product(s) you are interested in, and our friendly staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

What type of sneeze guards do we stock?

There are many different types of sneeze guards out there, from glass versions found at salad bars, through to Perspex screens at cash registers. At Advanced Display Systems we stock three different plastic infection guards. These are:

Acrylic Infection Guard – Flat Pack Model

Our flat pack screens are available in three different options:

  • Flat Pack Screen Option 1 – 600mm W x 780mm H x 295mm D wings
  • Flat Pack Screen Option 2 – 750mm W x 780mm H x 295mm D wings
  • Flat Pack Screen Option 3 – 900mm W x 780mm H x 295mm D wings

These three options give you a sizing variety when it comes to choosing the right screen for your business. As this type of screen comes as a flat pack, we have a Flat Pack Assembly Guide available for download on our website, allowing you to easily follow along for assembly.

Acrylic Infection Guard – Basic Model

The basic model of guard we offer is available in two sizes:

  • Basic Screen Option 1 – 600mm W x 900mm H x 300mm D wings
  • Basic Screen Option 2 – 750mm W x 900mm H x 300mm D wings

Simply choose the model that you believe would best suit your business, and submit a quote request. Our basic screens come pre-assembled for your convenience.

Acrylic Inflection Guard – Deluxe Model

At Advanced Display Systems, we offer two deluxe model guard options:

  • Deluxe Screen Option 1 – 600mm W (front panel) x 1000mm H x 225mm D wings (overall size 835mm W x 230mm D)
  • Deluxe Screen Option 2 – 750mm W (front panel) x 1000mm H x 225mm D wings (overall size 985mm W x 230mm D)

Our deluxe models also come pre-assembled for your convenience.

All of our sneeze guards are made from 6mm durable clear acrylic, and are easy to clean using alcohol wipes. With all of our designs, free-standing options are available, and we can also provide custom screens (with a max of 1000mm W), on request. Each sneeze guard has a pass-through section that allows for money to be exchanged and receipts to be handed back.

When it comes to getting a quote for your order, simply select the option you are interested in and click “Add to quote request”.


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