4 Tips For Retail Store Layout To Improve Sales

Top retailers have invested a great deal of research and thought into store layout to maximise consumer demand and reduce the risk of shopping cart abandonment. In fact, to generate a 10% to 15% increase in sales, some of them had to change product sequence and in-store path and revamp the look and feel of their stores.

Here are 4 quick tips to help you fine tune your shop and ensure no customer walks out empty handed:

1.    Captivate them at first sight. Putting on displays behind store windows is a tried and tested marketing strategy that never fails. Use it to slow down potential customers and make them take a second look, feel excited, and eventually, decide that they want to buy the product right there and then. Choose a single colour theme to attract eyes and effectively communicate your store’s image. Avoid putting too much items in a window to emphasize that they are special items and allow enough space to let customers see farther into the store. Good to know: Make sure your shopfittings are not too high. Choose lower shelves to make the store look full without the need of stocking too much merchandise.

2.    Strategise aisle design and product allocation. Make sure items with higher profit margins are placed at eye level to increase the chance for shoppers to choose those products. All the aisles must lead somewhere; set up an eye-catching display towards the end of an aisle to avoid an empty area. Create breaks in between, as research shows that 20% of the merchandise is skipped over when you have long, uninterrupted aisles that do not grab attention. Good to know: Put seasonal items on display and set up booths at the entrance to encourage customers to try gadgets, test products, and taste food items.

3.    Lead them to the right. When people enter a store, they usually look at the left first, then right. Afterwards, they move right and walk counter-clockwise around the store. So make sure your draw them towards major items by putting them on the right side of the entryway. Good to know: If you decide to put comfy seats or benches, make sure they are still facing the merchandise, and not the store windows in the right, to ensure that people are still focused on the shopping experience.

4.    Take advantage of angling. Organise aisles in such a way that it creates angles for more visual effect. However, ensure that there is still enough space to allow customers to comfortably shop and navigate their way through the store. Good to know: People are attracted to round and U-shapes. If you want them to pause and gaze at a product display, place a circular sign from the ceiling or put it in a U-shaped area.

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