Create SPACE today

Everyone knows what its like to need more space. Whether its in the storeroom, cleaning room, archives or shed, finding storage space can always be a large problem. That’s why Advanced Display Systems introduced the Space Saver Storage Shelving. Its sturdy, yet versatile design ensures a spacious storage area, created within minutes. Simply stand up the end frames, lock in the horizontal shelf beams and put the shelf in place. Its as easy as that! Choose from a wide range of sizes to create the perfect fitting shelving system and make adjoining shelving runs by simply adding onto the first shelving bay – this will help you save costs and also give you maximum storage space for your requirements. Did you know that the most cost effective and also the most popular shelf is also the most ECO Friendly! Our MDF Shelves are manufactured from only eco sustainable materials with E0 standard low emission board, ensuring a safe environment for everyone.

So if you are thinking ‘Where to I start’? Simply measure your areas where more storage space is required, and give us a call today for a free layout plan and quotation.Our friendly team of experienced space creators will do all the thinking for you. Phone Advanced Display Systems today 1800 111 477.

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