How Slatwall Accessories Can Boost Your Business Success

Slat Wall AccessoriesIf you are in the process of starting and opening your own shop, then you know that the first days of any business is the most challenging. And that it is quite impossible to gain all your initial investment in just the first few weeks. But there are some things you need to invest in and do in order to ensure your store’s success. Regardless of the type of goods and products you are selling, it is of the utmost priority that you attract and get customers and shoppers to enter your store, browse your wares and purchase. And the best way to do this is to utilise a good display system.

Here at Advanced Display Systems, we provide top quality display solutions, including store fixtures and display systems for various shops and stores all around Australia. We also offer personalised services, and can recommend the right slatwall shelving display system for your business.

The slat wall is versatile, and can be used not only in stores, but also in showrooms, storage units and exhibits. Aside from providing a presentable display for your products, it also fully maximises your available space. It does this by utilising your store’s wall - which can then be referred to as a slatted wall or slatwall. Needless to say, this is much more convenient than having to place more shelves across the store which may make your store appear cramped for your customers. More than anything, your customers will not appreciate a store wherein it is hard for them to find what they need. Through the slatwall panels, your items will be highlighted and are not in the customer’s way. This does not even begin to explain what makes the slat wall such a versatile display solution. It all comes down to the following slatwall accessories that shall emphasize how your business can be boosted through the slat wall shelving.

First, there are the acrylic displays which are neat, crystal clear display cases that can be locked for better security. As an acrylic display case is lockable and transparent, you neither have to worry about your products being stolen nor not being seen by your customer. Acrylic displays can range from bins to actual shelves.

Second, you can opt for slatwall hooks which are best for hang-sell items such as clothes, bags and other personal items. These shop fittings are essential for any store.

Another indispensable item is brochure holders. Brochures are useful for business to showcase their products and services, hence, displaying these collaterals with the use of brochure holders in key areas of your store will also contribute to your business’ success.