Create Suspended Store Displays Using a Cable System

Even if you are working with minimal display space in your retail store, you can still create attractive, eye-catching displays using a cable system. This allows you to suspend signage and other displays from the ceiling or other overhead support system so you can maximise the amount of space available without compromising room for stock in-store.

Cable systems are ideal for hanging signs, banners, and other promotional display material quickly and easily. The systems can be customised to suit height and width requirements.

Additionally, cable systems are a durable and sturdy support for suspended glass shelving. This can help you maximise the actual stock display space available in-store, rather than adding new shelving.

Suspended glass shelving is unobtrusive and ideal for smaller stock or lighter items, especially if suspended above a point of sale counter. This can be a great way to encourage last-minute impulse purchases that customers typically consider while waiting at the register.

Gondola Retail Shelving

Gondola retail shelving is another option for retail store owners to increase the amount of display space available in-store. Slat wall gondolas can be easily portable, allowing you to move them into high-traffic locations within the store to maximise visibility.

This is also a great way to increase impulse purchases or even sell off excess stock more quickly. Again, this type of portable shelving can be reconfigured quickly and easily for changing requirements.

Metal gondola shelving is not quite as portable as the other forms of shelving, but it is certainly just as flexible. Using metal gondola shelving gives you the advantage of adjusting shelving width as stock sizes and amounts change. This gives you an excellent way to maximise the amount of display space you have available, but also allows you to rotate stock as desired.

Slat wall shelving lets you remove shelves and replace them with hangsell hooks, if desired. This lets you hang various stock items rather than have them sit on a shelf, which can facilitate far more convenient use of retail space in many instances.

Choosing the Right Shelving

The key to choosing the right shelving and display system for any application lies in finding ways to maximise the current available space. This lets you display far more items to potential customers without limiting store space and without having to compromise on how much stock you display at any time.

Whether you choose cable systems to create suspension displays or slat wall shelving to give you more flexibility, it is important to consider your own space requirements first. After doing this, you will be in a better position to create displays that attract more attention and encourage more sales overall.