What is wood panelling on walls called?

You may have seen decorative wood panelling while scrolling through interior design images on Pinterest or Instagram and marvelled in just how beautiful they can make a space look. Whether the indoor wall of an apartment, or the outside wall of a house, wood panelling can be a beautiful way to add comforting, rustic charm to a space.

So, what is wood panelling on walls called? It can be called a few different things, but at Advanced Display Systems, we simply refer to these as wood wall panelling.

The decorative wood panelling we have in stock is Arizona Nogal Claro, which you can take a look at here. These panels come in the one size of 1.18 metres long by 0.93 metres high, which can be joined together to cover the surface area you desire.

Want to find out more about the features and benefits of our wood panelling, plus a little bit about our company? Keep reading!

Benefits of our wood wall panelling

What is wood panelling on walls called? We simply refer to is as decorative wood panelling. There are lots of benefits to installing decorative wall panelling from Advanced Display Systems:

  • Our panels can be used both in interiors and on exteriors, due to their certified thermal resistance. This means you can install wood panelling for an interior feature wall or to add an extra feature to an outside wall
  • These decorative wood wall panels offer thermal insulation against the damp
  • The panels have a fire-retardant coating
  • Our decorative wood panels are 100 percent recyclable and polymer based, which makes them a fantastic, environmentally friendly product
  • These products are light and very hard-wearing, which makes them ideal for fast, fuss-free application without the need for difficult building work
  • Our wood panels are non-toxic, for some added peace of mind

Who are wood wall panels for?

Our Panespol decorative wood panels can make a fantastic addition to a range of locations. This design conveys comfort and warmth, and has a truly timeless style. Places our wood wall panels could be installed include:

  • Cafes after a rustic or homely vibe
  • Various businesses and sales offices
  • Exterior walls of homes
  • Interior apartment walls for a feature look
  • Comfy beach houses
  • Mountain retreat houses

There are many other locations that could look wonderful with wood panelling, too! Get in contact with our friendly staff to chat about the exciting possibilities of panelling for your home or business.

Other panelling we stock

At Advanced Display Systems, we stock a wide range of decorative textured wall panels (along with wood panels). These include:

Brick wall panelling

For those who love the look of exposed brick walls and rustic country houses. Our styles include Caravista Brick, English Brick, and Rustic Red Old Brick.

Slate wall panelling

After more of a natural look for your feature wall? Out slate panelling styles include Castilla slate, Laja Fina Multicolour Slate, and Pizarra Marron Slate.

Stone wall panelling

Textured and stylish, our stone wall panelling is great for adding a pop of intrigue to an area. Styles include Cuenca Stone, Galicia Gris Musgo Stone, and Teruel Marron Stone.

Concrete wall panelling

Those after a sleek, industrial vibe might be intrigued by our concrete panelling. Some of the styles we stock include Beton Medio, Beton Tablas Envejecido, and Smooth Beton Raw.

Who are Advanced Display Systems?

Advanced Display Systems was established in 1987 in Brisbane’s Woolloongabba. As a family-owned and operated business, we are focused on offering high quality products to our customers. These products range from fittings and fixtures, through to shelving, showcases, storage products and display solutions.

While we started out as a bespoke aluminium showcase manufacturer, we have since expanded operations into a variety of different areas. In 2007, we relocated to a larger premises, which allowed us to further invest in CNC machinery. Today, we continue to manufacture quality joinery and plastic fabricated products, while also stocking a wide range of European-design solutions.

What is wall panelling on walls called? We refer to our products as wood wall panels. Along with these wood panels, Advanced Display Systems also stocks a range of other panelling options. We also stock shelving, fittings and fixtures, storage products, showcases and display solutions. Want to find out more about the panels we have available, or any of the other products we stock? Get in touch today with us on (07) 3861 8888, or send us an email at info@advdis.com.au.

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